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Bid day is THE best day of the year. betfinal عربي You and your Delta Phi sisters worked hard all summer to plan the perfect recruitment for that unforgettable bid day moment when all your new sisters run through the doors to their new sisterhood. Although it might be the most fun day for you and your actives, bid day can be a little overwhelming for your new recruits. With these bid day activities and icebreakers, your new members will sure to feel welcomed, included and like they are really getting to know their new sisters in a no pressure situation. Bring on the help of your social chair or someone who loves hosting games and have them plan a couple of icebreakers throughout the day that not only lets your actives meet your new members but more importantly gives your new members the chance to meet and bond with each other! Here’s a list of our favorite icebreakers that are fun, low pressure, and really do help new members feel right at home.

DPhiE Bid Day

1.Sister Speed Dating

Create two circles (one outside, one inside) and pair new members with actives, give each pair 2 minutes to get to know each other. You can provide fun questions for them to answer (like which Hogwarts house are they and why? حكم القمار في الالعاب ) so it’s not the same convo over and over again. Switch. This is also a great way for actives to start finding their perfect littles!

DPhiE Bid Day 90's themed bid day

2. Ball Toss

Write “get to know you questions” on a beach ball and toss it around the circle. Any member who catches the ball has to answer the question their right thumb lands on.

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3. Circle of Fun Facts

Get everyone in a circle and have one new member stand in the middle. She says her name, grade, and one fun fact and then any sisters who have the fun fact in common must trade places within the circle. The last one without a switched place stands in the middle and does the same until the whole circle has introduced themselves. If you have a large chapter break into 2 or 3 smaller circles.

Let It Be DPhiE 70's themed bid day

4. Scavenger Hunt

See how well your new members picked up Delta Phi facts through recruitment and let them bond with their pledge class. Break your new bids into large groups or have them all work together and give them clues and riddles asking questions about Delta Phi’s colors, symbols, philanthropy, etc.

Sister on Delta Phi Epsilon Bid Day

5. Spoil them!!

Now although giving them gifts is more of a necessary activity it can act as an icebreaker by pairing an active member with a new member and letting it be a special bonding experience between the two. العب بلاك جاك We can almost guarantee you and all your sisters remember who gave you your very first Deepher gift so make it a moment your new members will remember too. Even better if any of your actives have a rush crush, it will give them their first of hopefully many memories together.

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We hope these bid day icebreakers will help you plan the perfect bid day for your new members. While it’s an exciting day for your chapter, remember it might be a little overwhelming for your new recruits, so give them every opportunity to meet and bond with new sisters so they really feel comfortable and at home. For more bid day inspo. from theme ideas to DIY banners and signs, make sure you check out our Delta Phi Epsilon Pinterest Board, we’ll be adding to it all summer! Happy Bid Day planning!

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