20 of the Best Kappa Kappa Gamma Bid Day Themes

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Bid Day is right around the corner, have you started planning yet? The #1 most important decision when it comes to planning the ultimate bid day is pinning down a killer theme. Every aspect of bid day is planned around the theme from shirts and outfits down to the decor, food, and gifts. Luckily Kappa Kappa Gamma’s have it easy and have so many cute and unique KKG inspired bid day themes to choose from. We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite Bid Day themes, and gave them a little KKG twist to make this bid day planning so much easier for you! If you’re ahead of the game and already have your theme all planned out jump to the end we have some Bid Day gift ideas for you too!

Kappa Kappa Gamma Instagram Image from@ kkgutk

KKG Specific Themes

  1. I want my KKG (MTV)

  2. Koachella

  3. Space Gam (Space Jam)

  4. House of Blues

  5. Kappa Karnival

  6. Sweet Home Kappa Gamma

  7. Kamp Kappa

  8. Kandyland

  9. Wham Bam Kappa Gam

  10. Dreaming of Kappa (Pajama Party)

KKG House of Blues Bid Day Image from @olemisskkg
Wham Bam Kappa Gama Bid Day Theme taken from Instagram @hal3yharman










Trendy Themes That Fit Any Chapter

  1. New Bids on the Block

  2. We’ll Make it Like Your Bid Day Every Day

  3. Pop Art

  4. The 70’s

  5. Heaven on Earth

  6. Out of this World (Galaxy)

  7. Rock & Roll

  8. Under the Sea

  9. Baseball – Welcome to the Big Leagues

  10. Saved by the Bid (Saved by the Bell/90’s) 

KKG Bid Day Image from instagram @kkgwustl
Ole Miss KKG Bid Day Pop Art











Now that you have the perfect theme locked down for the most perfect bid day you want to make sure the decor, food, attire, and gifts support that theme. We think the best part of bid day (besides meeting all your new sisters of course) is surprising your new members with their very first KKG swag. This year we wanted to make sure every chapter with any size budget could get the trendiest, cutest KKG merch for their Bid Day gifts. We asked sorority women from all over the country what they love seeing on Bid Day and created the ultimate “Build-Your-Own” Bid day Bundles with those suggestions. With over 11 product options in various colors and styles, these bid day bundles are customizable for any chapter theme and budget! Shop those bundles here or request a FREE Bid Day Bundle sample kit to learn a little bit more about them!

KKG Bid Day Bundle

KKG Build your Own Bid Day Bundle Sample Kit

We can’t wait to see all the fun Kappa Kappa Gamma themes come to life this upcoming Bid Day. If there is any other bid day advice you’d like us to cover or if we left off any really cute KKG themes let us know, we love hearing from you all! Make sure to tag @a_listgreek in all your bid day posts and we’ll share some of our favorite with all our A-List sisters! To get even more Kappa bid day inspo. make sure you’re checking out our Kappa Kappa Gamma Bid Day Pinterest board, we’ll be adding to it all summer long!

Kappa Kappa Gamma Bid Day Pinterest Board

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