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The countdown to bid day has officially begun! We all know planning a killer recruitment can be really expensive and by the time you get to planning bid day, your budget might be stretched pretty thin. Bid Day is the best day of recruitment, all your chapters hard work is finally going to pay off with your new Phi Mu’s and your new sisters will be able to really see the sisterhood they were lucky enough to join. Bid Day is also the best day because it’s the most fun, most laid back and you don’t have to break the bank to make it memorable. Follow these tips to make your Phi Mu Bid Day both amazing and affordable. nyerőgépes játékok kockás letöltés ingyen

Phi Mu Arkansas Bid Day

Be Resourceful

Recycle your recruitment items and save big time! Chances are you bought different decor items for each day of recruitment, why spend extra money for Bid Day decor when you can plan your theme around the colors and decor you already have from the previous recruitment days. Use the same tule, flowers, table cloths, centerpieces etc. Mix and match and switch up the location of the decor and no one will ever notice, they will all be too excited meeting all their new sisters.

Do It Yourself

As sorority women we are already DIY queens with all the crafting we do, put those skills to good use! Grab some cardstock and metallic pens and make your own bid day signs and photo frames, get your most talented and artsy sister to paint a really cute and unique banner and get a group together to create the cutest props with all your new member’s names on them. They can double as cute props and decor for photo-ops AND you’ll have all the materials from making the signs anyway! Check out our DIY Bid Day Signs blog for some really cute sign inspo.

Be Your Own DJ

DJ’s are always really fun but let’s be real you provide them with a list of songs you want them to play anyway, so you’re already halfway there. There’s always one sister who secretly wants to break out her DJ skills so have her be in charge of the music all night, set up a large speaker, connect Spotify and you are set to dance the night away! The best part is your chapter is in control and can request and replay whatever songs they want!

Build-Your-Own Gift Bundle

Spoiling your new members with bid day gifts should be fun and a special moment for your new sisters getting their very first Phi Mu accessories. Bid Day gifts can usually end up eating up the majority of the budget, but lucky for you we have created a Phi Mu Gift Bundle that lets you customize each bundle and product to fit your chapter budget! www tippmix eredmények hu Make your new sisters feel loved by showering them with the trendiest Phi Mu swag specifically chosen by you to fit your chapter’s theme and budget. Each bundle has 11 different products to create the perfect small or big bundle that we will pre-gift wrap in cute packaging and a sweet “…And So Your Phi Mu Adventure Begins” packing card.

Phi Mu Bid Day Bundle

To check out every item you can shop in this super cute Phi Mu Bid Day Bundle, click here or to learn more and request a FREE Bid Day Bundle Sample Kit click here!

We hope these tips will help ease your stress about planning the ultimate Phi Mu Bid Day on a budget. DIY signs, being your own DJ and getting creative with re-useable decor will not only save you money but also let more sisters be apart of the bid day planning process. It will make all your members so excited to meet your new members and see all their crafting efforts come to life. fogadóiroda For even more bid day theme, decor and DIY inspo. make sure you check out our Phi Mu Bid Day Pinterest Board! And make sure you tag us in all your cute bid day pics so we can see how crafty and creative all our A-Lister’s can be!

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