8 Cute Sigma Kappa Bid Day Theme & Gift Ideas

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It’s almost the day you’ve all been prepping for pretty much since the last recruitment season, Bid Day! All though it’s quickly approaching you still have a little bit of time to make sure you have the most perfect theme and gifts to give your new members the best bid day possible! To help your planning process, here at A-List we’ve broken down our 8 favorite themes for this recruitment season with theme and sorority inspired gifts to go along with each one. Get ready to welcome home your new Sigma Kappa sisters!

Sigma Kappa Bid Day Bundle

The first most crucial step in planning the ultimate bid day is locking down a unique and fun theme that not every other chapter at your school is already doing. You are so lucky to be a Sigma Kappa when it comes to unique themes because the ΣΚ letters fit so seamlessly into words to create punny and unforgettable bid day themes.

    1. Dovestock (Woodstock)

    2. All you need is Dove Love (Beatles)

    3. ΣΚplore

    4. Sweet Home Sigma Kappa

    5. WeΣΚend Warriors

    6. Sweet like Kandy

    7. maSKerade (Masquerade)

    8. Welcome to perfΣΚtion

Now compared to the theme, decor, food, DJ etc. bid day gifts may not seem all that crucial. But these are the very first gifts your new members will recieve as new Sigma Kappas. Don’t you remember exactly what you got on your bid day? We always think it adds a special touch when bid day gifts can tie into the theme a little bit, so we’ve matched some of our bestselling and favorite bid day gifts to each unique theme above. Obvi all these gifts are great for any theme, you can mix & match and bundle more than one gift, but we want to show you how fun and versatile each gift can be to extend the vibe of your bid day theme even further.

1. Hair Ties

These Sigma Kappa elastic hair ties double as bracelets or wristbands so its only appropriate that would act as a cute accessory for a “Dovestock” musical festival theme. Gift each member a “wristband” before letting them dance the night away in their best tie-dye with all their new sisters.

Sigma Kappa Hair Ties


2.Tassel Keychain

Tie in the 1960’s/Beatles vibe with these suede leather tassel keychains. Available in 12 different stylish colors, you can mix and match with Sigma Kappa colors or gift all your new members tassel keychains with the main colors in your “All You Need is Dove Love” theme.

Sigma Kappa Amethyst Tassel Keychain


3. Car/Computer Decals

No matter where your new members ΣΚplore to in their Sigma Kappa journey, they’ll always have a little touch of SK with them with these decals. These non-damaging decals work perfectly on car windows, notebooks, phone cases, laptops and more so your new members will be able to rock their Sigma Kappa pride right away.


Sigma Kappa Decal on Van window


4. State Necklace

Our state necklace is available in all 50 state designs including D.C., making this the perfect gift for a “Sweet Home Sigma Kappa” themed present.

Sigma Kappa California state necklace


5. Cosmetic Bags

Available in three different sizes or as a full set, these metallic rose gold cosmetic bags are the perfect accessory bag for any WeΣΚend getaway. Gift one or all to your new members as a cute promise that they’ll use them on every sorority retreat or trip they take with their sisters.

Sigma Kappa Cosmetic Bags

6. Buttons

This set of cute buttons work perfectly into a Sweet like Kandy theme because of the soft pink colors and sweet, bubbly designs. Buttons are always one of the best gifts to give on bid day, your new members will want to show off their Sigma Kappa pride the very next day on campus, so give them something they can put on their backpacks, purses, and shirts to rep. their new sisterhood.

Sigma Kappa Button set


7. Gift Set

Masquerades are all about the mystery so give your new members a gift that keeps on surprising them. A cosmetic bag with wrapped gifts inside as a sweet bundle of all your favorite Sigma Kappa accessories. You can DIY your bundle or we have them pre-made and pre-packaged with a lot of the same items we’ve linked above. Every time they pull out another wrapped gift they’ll feel closer and closer to their new sisterhood.

Sigma Kappa gift set

8. Last but not certainly not least, a perfΣΚt “Build-Your-Own” Bundle

You know just one gift isn’t enough to welcome your new members to perfΣΚtion, we’ve made it extra easy for you with this “Build-Your-Own” Bid Day Bundle. Each trendy and affordable bundle is crafted to fit any chapter budget with your choice of 11 different Sigma Kappa gifts all wrapped and ready to gift in white organza gift bags and a sweet “..And so your Sigma Kappa journey begins” card. With various design and color options, almost every product is customizable to fit any theme and color combo. To learn more about this bundle or request a sample kit to get a better feel for the products, click here or you can shop this Bid Day Bundle here!


Sigma Kappa Request Free Sample Kit

We can’t wait to see all these fun Sigma Kappa themes come to life this upcoming Bid Day. Make sure to tag @a_listgreek in all your bid day posts and we’ll share some of our favorite with all our A-List sisters! To get even more Sigma Kappa bid day inspo. make sure you’re checking out our Sigma Kappa Bid Day Pinterest board, we’ll be adding to it all summer long!

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