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5 Things Every Sorority Woman Should Do Her First Year


It’s easy to get overwhelmed your first year in a sorority with all the new events and new sisters keeping you busy, and not to mention, all of that on top of classes and work. But, don’t forget to schedule yourself some much deserved free-time! Being a new member is the most fun you can have so here at A-list we made a list of 5 easy to plan ideas to help you make the most out of your year and take your friendships out of those new member meetings.

1. Hit the Road with Sisters

Now that you’ve formed friendships to last a lifetime, there is no point in waiting to travel together and create new memories! Take a day or a weekend to hit the road, listen to this Ultimate Road Trip playlist and find your new favorite getaway. It also never hurts to get some scenic throw-what-you-know pictures to be featured on your chapters instagram!

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2. Grab Coffee with an Active

We all have that one active member that we talked to during recruitment that is basically the reason that you chose your chapter. Maybe they are exactly who you want to be in life, maybe you just knew you’d be friends with them from one conversation, or maybe they are extremely ambitious and you admire them. Whoever this is to you, message them on Facebook or grab their number from a friend and ask them to get coffee. As a sister, you can always pull this off, but as a newbie especially, everyone is trying to get to know the new members of the chapter. Anyone would be stoked to meet you or get to know you, so reach out! All this advice is great when the time comes to search for your big sis too! A sorority is too big to wait around, go to them!

3. Get Involved

Your first semester will probably be the busiest of your time in the chapter, so make the most of it! Get involved in everything you can and try your best to meet new people. It’s easier to get involved now than any other time, so jump right in!

4. Spend a Night in with your Best Friends

Anyone who has gone through college will tell you, the party scene gets old. Night after night at the same frat will all blend together, those days won’t be as unique and fun anymore. Take a night to stay in with your girls and do something different. Those memories of “remember when we built a fort in our dorm, each ate a whole bag of Hot Cheetos and binged watched Friends until four in the morning?” are simple, fun memories that will last forever and always make you smile when you look back on them.

5. Explore the Local Area

Unless you moved across the street from where you grew up, odds are you are new to the area. You will never know the little treasures of your new city unless you go out and experience it for yourself. Grab a few friends and hit the town, or have your own miniature Eat, Pray, Love trip. Learn about where you are because it’s your home for the next four years.

Free time or not, these are things worth making time for. Activities that will make your new member experience, and even your next four years, that much more memorable. For even more ideas on how to bond with your new sisters, check out this super cute Fall Themed Sisterhood Ideas list.