Greeks = The Real “A-List”  (Or…How A-list Got it’s Name)

The truth about greek lifeAs you can see from the infographic discovered via Pinterest, of course (please follow our boards!) Greeks really are the A-List and we at A-List Greek Designs are beyond proud of our affiliation!

At A-List we are all about strengthening the bond between sisterhood and style, but more importantly, we are all about sisters. Being stylish isn’t necessarily an option when it comes to all the sorority jewelry out there. A-List makes designs with chic Greeks in mind.

A-List Greek Designs and Custom Creations is new to the Greek community and was started by a group of affiliated Greek sisters. As women who are affiliated, we know it’s important to look your A-List best & have the cutest sorority jewelry.

We cannot wait to show you all our great creations and to help you by making any custom piece you may want for your chapter! We can make ANY custom jewelry design for your organization and we always encourage our Panhellenic sisters to send us design ideas of products they’d love to have!

Since we are still a small business (we started in 2013), we’d appreciate any and all help spreading the word to your sisters! Please follow us on social media and follow our journey on our blog “Members Only – A Blog for Greeks & Chics Alike.”

Plus, we will give your chapter great prices on group or custom orders! Forward our info to your chapter officers! We would love to grow so that we can offer you more custom sorority jewelry options.


Meet Our Team of Greek A-Listers!


IMG_1575 squareBoss Lady: Hope Gray

Hope’s Story – Before joining Greek life I was shy and introverted. I didn’t want to go through sorority recruitment but everyone in my dorm and suite signed up, so I did too. On bid day, I almost walked away from my bid until my Rho Gamma (recruitment counselor) told me I needed to give Greek life a chance.

At first, I was totally intimidated. Then I started going to EVERY chapter event. The more I attended the more I got to know my sisters. Suddenly, the sisters I was so scared of were my closest friends. Eventually, I was elected President (twice) and just as suddenly my sorority became my life. Thanks to my sorority involvement I was elected to student government, I became a resident advisor and a leader in many other campus organizations. My parents began to joke that I would become a professional sorority girl – and I did.

Sometimes college women think that sorority membership is just for four years – but I am a living, walking billboard for the value of lifetime membership. Now, in launching A-List Greek Designs we combine two of my favorite passions – sisterhood and fashion. With our careful eye for classic fashion and fabulous trends we design sorority jewelry that strengthens the bond between sisters and style.

Marketing Manager: Paige Snyder

IMG_2296Paige recently graduated from Chapman University where she studied Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. Being in a sorority was her favorite part of college, so being able to work for a company that combines her love for sisterhood and fashion made her the perfect fit. During her time in Alpha Phi, she held the positions of Recording Secretary, Director of Publicity & Skit Chair. She enjoys watching old movies, going to Disneyland, dancing, watching sports games, traveling and everything about One Direction. London is her favorite city because she studied abroad there for a semester in college. Paige joined the A-List team in August 2013.




Production Assistant: Shae Kong-Perring

IMG_1595 squareShae also graduated from Chapman University where she studied Anthropology. She loved her time in her sorority and was super involved in all things Greek Life. From being a Rho Gamma to Director of Philanthropy, she made the most of her time in Alpha Phi. Being able to work for a business that combines her love for greek life and jewelry made her the perfect fit to join the A-List team. She studied abroad in London with Paige, so she also loves everything about England. As a newlywed, she loves spending time traveling, going to Disneyland, and drinking delicious bottles of wine with her husband. Shae joined the A-List team in October 2015.




Team Mascot: Hudson-Bear 

Hudson crop

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