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Sorority Dynamics Decoded: The Essential Guide to Big and Little Relationships


Joining a sorority introduces you to many unique traditions, including the Big and Little mentorship system – a concept that can seem daunting for new members. This relationship pairs an initiated sister with a new member, helping her transition into Greek life with ease.

In this article, we’ll demystify the dynamics of these relationships and provide you with insights on what to expect in your journey as a Big or Little. Ready to unravel the bonds of sisterhood? Let’s navigate this exciting ritual together.

Key Takeaways

  • A big and little relationship in sororities is a mentorship bond between an initiated sister (the “big”) and a new member (the “little”).
  • This mentorship dynamic helps new members transition into sorority life by providing guidance, support, and a sense of belonging within the sorority community.
  • The process of matching bigs and littles involves getting to know each other through interviews and social events to ensure compatibility and create a strong foundation for their relationship.

What is a Big and Little in Sororities?

In sororities, a big and little relationship refers to a mentorship bond between an initiated sister (the “big”) and a new member (the “little”).

Mentorship relationship

In a sorority, a mentorship relationship is between an older member, known as the “big”, and a newer one called the “little”. This bond is strong. They learn from each other. The ‘big’ teaches about life in the sorority.

The ‘little’ brings fresh views to share. It’s like finding a soulmate in a sisterhood! The right match happens after learning about each other’s interests and experiences. This process can be fun for both parties involved! Each has something to gain from this bond that goes beyond their time at university.

Strong bond

The big and little relationship in sororities forms a strong bond between the initiated sister and the new member. It is more than just a mentorship; it’s like finding a soul-mate within the sorority.

They connect on a deep level, understanding each other’s experiences and having lots in common. This bond is built through shared interests, support, and guidance provided by the big sister to her little sister.

It is considered one of the most important dynamics in Greek houses, helping create a sense of belonging and sisterhood among members. This strong bond transcends beyond their time in college, as it can develop into lifelong friendships that last even after graduation.

Transition into sorority life

Transitioning into sorority life can be both exciting and nerve-wracking for new members. As they navigate their way through Greek life, the big and little relationship becomes a crucial support system during this transition.

Having an experienced sister to guide them helps ease any anxieties or uncertainties they may have about sorority traditions, events, or expectations. The big serves as a mentor and friend, offering advice on academics, social activities, and overall adjustment to college life.

This relationship allows new members to feel welcomed into the sorority community with open arms and provides them with a strong sense of belonging right from the start.

How Does the Big and Little Process Work?

During the Big and Little process, potential Bigs and Littles are matched through a specific process conducted by the sorority chapter, leading to an exciting Big/Little Reveal Week where they begin building their mentoring relationship.

Matched through a process

The process of matching a big and little in sororities involves getting to know each other and determining if they would make a good match. Potential bigs and littles go through a series of activities, such as interviews and social events, to find common interests and share experiences.

The goal is to create a mentor-mentee relationship where the older sister can guide and support the newer member. This process helps ensure that the big and little are compatible and have a strong foundation for building their relationship within the sorority chapter.

Big/Little Reveal Week

During Big/Little Reveal Week, the excitement in sororities reaches its peak as new members finally discover who their big sister will be. This highly anticipated event is a special time when potential bigs and littles are matched based on common interests and personalities.

It’s a fun-filled week of bonding activities and getting to know each other better. The reveal ceremony is a highlight of the week, where pairs are announced and emotions run high.

This memorable tradition creates lasting memories and marks the beginning of an incredible mentor-mentee relationship that will shape both sisters’ sorority experiences.

Building a relationship

Building a relationship in the big and little process involves getting to know each other and finding common interests. The potential bigs and littles spend time together, share experiences, and determine if they have a connection.

This is an important step in establishing the mentor-mentee relationship that will guide the new member through sorority life. Building a strong foundation based on shared values and interests helps ensure a fulfilling and supportive bond between the big sister and the little sister.

Benefits of the Big/Little Relationship

The Big/Little relationship in sororities offers guidance, personal growth, and a lifelong friendship. Discover the amazing benefits that come with this mentorship bond!

Guidance and support

In a big/little relationship in sororities, the big sister provides guidance and support to her little sister. She helps her navigate through sorority life, offering advice on academics, social activities, and personal challenges.

The big sister becomes a trusted confidant and mentor for her little sister, lending an understanding ear and providing encouragement when needed. This support system is crucial in helping the little sister adjust to college life and feel supported within the sorority community.

Studies show that having this guidance can enhance personal growth and development for both the big and little sisters, fostering a strong bond that lasts long after their time in college.

Personal growth and development

Being in a big and little relationship in sororities can lead to personal growth and development. Through this mentorship, new members have the opportunity to learn from their big sisters who have already experienced sorority life.

They can receive guidance on navigating college, social events, and academic challenges. This relationship also allows for self-reflection and learning more about oneself as they build a connection with their big sister.

Additionally, being a big sister gives initiated sisters the chance to develop leadership skills, responsibility, and empathy towards others. This dynamic fosters personal growth for both parties involved as they support and challenge each other throughout their sorority journey.

Lifelong friendship

A big and little relationship in a sorority can lead to a lifelong friendship. The bond formed through mentorship and shared experiences lasts long after college. Sisters who have been bigs and littles often remain close even after they graduate.

They provide guidance and support to each other as they navigate life’s challenges. This lasting friendship is one of the many benefits of being part of a sorority, creating connections that go beyond the college years.

The Importance of the Big/Little Relationship in Sororities

The Big/Little relationship in sororities is crucial for creating a sense of belonging and fostering a supportive community within the chapter.

Sense of belonging

A big and little relationship in sororities provides a strong sense of belonging for both the big and little. Being part of a sorority chapter can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially for new members who are still adjusting to Greek life.

However, having a big sister or mentor helps create a supportive community where they feel accepted and included. The bond between the big and little fosters a feeling of belonging as they share experiences, navigate challenges together, and build lifelong friendships within the sorority.

This sense of belonging is an important aspect of Greek life and contributes to the overall sisterhood and camaraderie within the sorority chapter.

Creating a supportive community

Being part of a sorority means being part of a supportive community. When you have a big and little relationship, you have someone who is always there for you. They offer guidance and support as you navigate through your new member experience and beyond.

Additionally, they are there to help you adjust to college life and make connections within the sorority chapter. You can count on your big sister or mentor to be by your side every step of the way, creating a strong sense of belonging in the sorority community.

Having a big and little also means having someone to lean on during times of need. They understand what it’s like to be a new member because they’ve been in your shoes before. They can provide advice, lend an ear when needed, and offer encouragement throughout your journey in Greek life.

This kind of support fosters personal growth and development as you gain confidence in yourself and build lifelong relationships with others in the sorority.

Tradition and sisterhood

Tradition and sisterhood are at the core of the big and little relationship in sororities. Being a part of this mentorship dynamic is not just about finding a mentor or mentee, but also about embracing the rich history and traditions within Greek life.

The tradition of having a big and little is an important aspect of being a member of a fraternity or sorority, as it helps build connections and create a sense of belonging within the chapter.

Sisterhood plays an essential role in this relationship, as it fosters lifelong friendships based on shared experiences, common interests, and support for one another. It’s through these traditions and sisterhood that bonds are formed, making the big-little relationship truly special.


In conclusion, the big and little relationship in sororities is a special bond between an initiated sister and a new member. This mentorship dynamic helps guide and support new members as they transition into sorority life.

The big and little relationship fosters personal growth, lifelong friendships, and creates a sense of belonging within the sorority community.


1. What is a big/little relationship in sororities?

A big/little relationship is a special bond between an older member (the “big”) and a newer member (the “little”) in a sorority. The big serves as a mentor, guide, and friend to the little.

2. How does a big/little relationship benefit sorority members?

A big/little relationship provides support, guidance, and friendship within the sorority. It helps new members feel welcomed and connected while allowing older members to share their experiences and wisdom.

3. How are bigs and littles matched in sororities?

Bigs and littles are often matched based on common interests, personalities, or shared experiences. Sororities may have specific traditions or activities for matching bigs with their littles.

4. Can you have more than one big or little in a sorority?

Yes, it’s possible for someone to be both a little to one person and a big to another person in the same sorority. This can create multiple layers of support and connection within the chapter.