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Big Little Sorority Rings: Matching, Customizable, and Adorable Options


Looking for the perfect sorority ring to honor your special bond? You’re not alone! Many ‘bigs’ and ‘littles’ in sororities across the country are hunting for that perfectly sentimental piece.

This blog post will guide you through selecting, purchasing or even customizing a beautiful and meaningful big little sorority ring. Let us take this journey together.

Key Takeaways

  • Big little sorority rings come in matching styles, allowing you to show your bond and unity within your group.
  • Customizable options for big little sorority rings include initials, birthstones, and symbols that hold special meaning.
  • These adorable rings are available in a variety of designs such as heart – shaped, crystal accents, animal shapes, enamel details, filigree patterns, and floral motifs.
  • Big little sorority rings hold significant importance in sorority culture as they symbolize the bond between sisters and serve as reminders of cherished memories.

What are Big Little Sorority Rings?

Big Little Sorority Rings are a popular accessory among sorority sisters, with matching and customizable options available in adorable designs.

Matching options

Big Little sorority rings come in lots of matching styles. You can pick a pair of gold or silver bands. They can be plain or have fun designs on them. Some rings have Greek letters or other sorority symbols on them. Others show off birthstones or special dates.

Customizable options

Sorority rings offer a range of customizable options for a personal touch. You can choose initials, birthstones, or symbols that hold special meaning. These options allow you to create a unique and meaningful ring that reflects your individuality. Whether it’s engraving your sorority letters or adding personalized details, the possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your big little sorority ring.

Adorable designs

Big little sorority rings come in a variety of adorable designs. Some popular options include:

  • Delicate heart – shaped rings
  • Sparkling crystal accents
  • Cute animal shapes like elephants or turtles
  • Enamel details in sorority colors
  • Intricate filigree patterns
  • Floral motifs with colorful gemstones

Importance in sorority culture

Big little sorority rings hold significant importance in sorority culture. These rings are more than just accessories; they symbolize the bond between sorority sisters. They are often given as gifts during special occasions like the big little reveal or bid day, creating a sense of unity and sisterhood among members.

The customizable options allow each ring to be personalized with initials, symbols, or birthstone accents, making them even more meaningful. Wearing these rings not only shows pride in being part of a sorority but also serves as a reminder of the cherished memories and lifelong friendships formed within the Greek community.

Sorority rings become treasured keepsakes that connect sisters both emotionally and fashionably, adding an extra touch of significance to their overall sorority experience.

Types of Big Little Sorority Rings

From gold bands to engraved designs and birthstone accents, there are countless options for big little sorority rings. Read on to discover the perfect style for you!

Gold bands

Gold bands are a popular option for big little sorority rings. These rings are made from gold, which gives them a shiny and elegant appearance. Gold bands can be engraved with initials or symbols that hold special meaning to the sorority sisters.

They can also be adorned with birthstone accents to add a personal touch. The use of gold in these rings symbolizes prestige and value, making them a cherished accessory for sorority members.

Whether worn as a matching set or individually, gold bands are a beautiful way to showcase sisterhood and pride in one’s sorority affiliation.

Silver bands

Silver bands are a popular option for big little sorority rings. They offer a sleek and elegant look that can complement any outfit. Silver rings can be engraved with initials or symbols that hold special meaning to the wearer.

They are also a more affordable choice compared to gold bands, making them accessible to all sorority members. Whether you prefer a simple design or something more intricate, silver bands provide endless customization options.

These rings serve as a beautiful reminder of sisterhood and make for cherished keepsakes among sorority members.

Engraved designs

Engraved designs are a popular option for big little sorority rings. These designs allow you to personalize your ring with meaningful symbols, initials, or dates. You can choose from a variety of fonts and styles to create a unique and special engraving on your ring.

Whether you want to showcase your sorority letters, commemorate an important event, or honor a loved one, engraved designs offer a way to make your ring even more personal and sentimental.

With engraved designs, your big little sorority ring becomes a cherished keepsake that represents the bond of sisterhood and the memories shared within your sorority.

Birthstone accents

Big little sorority rings with birthstone accents add a personal touch to these special pieces of jewelry. Each sorority has its own designated birthstones, making it easy to incorporate them into ring designs.

Birthstone accents can be added as small gems or stones alongside the sorority symbol or initials. These accents not only enhance the overall look of the ring but also hold sentimental value for the wearer.

They serve as a reminder of their bond with their sisters and make the ring even more meaningful.

How to Choose the Perfect Big Little Sorority Ring

To choose the perfect Big Little Sorority Ring, consider your personal style, coordinate with sorority colors, select a meaningful design, and make sure to choose the right size.

Consider personal style

When choosing the perfect big little sorority ring, it’s important to consider your personal style. Think about what kind of jewelry you prefer and what suits your taste. Do you like simple and minimalist designs, or do you prefer something more intricate? Consider whether you prefer gold or silver, as well as any specific gemstones or engravings that hold meaning for you.

By selecting a ring that reflects your personal style, you’ll have a piece of jewelry that not only represents your sorority but also matches your unique personality.

Coordinate with sorority colors

When choosing the perfect big little sorority ring, it’s important to coordinate with your sorority colors. This will help you show off your pride and solidarity with your sisters.

Whether it’s a gold band or a silver band, try to find a ring that incorporates your sorority’s colors in some way. This could be through colored gemstones, enamel accents, or even engraving with the color initials of your sorority.

By coordinating with your sorority colors, you can create a stylish and meaningful accessory that represents the bond you share with your sisters.

Choose a meaningful design

When choosing a big little sorority ring, it’s important to select a design that holds significance for you. Consider symbols or images that represent your sorority or personal values.

You can also opt for initials or birthstones that hold special meaning to you and your sister. Choosing a meaningful design ensures that your ring becomes a cherished keepsake and reminder of the bond you share with your sorority sisters.

Select the right size

When choosing the perfect big little sorority ring, it’s important to select the right size. You want a ring that fits comfortably on your finger and won’t slip off easily. To determine your ring size, you can use an online ring sizing chart or visit a local jewelry store for assistance.

It’s also helpful to consider the width of the band when choosing a size. A wider band may require going up slightly in size for a comfortable fit. By selecting the right size, you ensure that your big little sorority ring will be both stylish and comfortable to wear.

Where to Find Big Little Sorority Rings

You can find Big Little Sorority Rings on sorority merchandise websites, local jewelry stores, custom jewelry designers, and Etsy shops.

Sorority merchandise websites

You can find a wide selection of big little sorority rings on sorority merchandise websites. These websites specialize in Greek life accessories and offer a variety of customizable options. They have a range of designs, including handstamped rings and adjustable rings. You can also find silver and gold rings to suit your personal style. These websites are a convenient and reliable source for finding the perfect big little sorority ring.

Local jewelry stores

Local jewelry stores are great places to find big little sorority rings. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Visit a nearby jewelry store in your town or city.
  2. Look for stores that specialize in custom jewelry or personalized pieces.
  3. Ask the jeweler if they have any designs specifically for sorority sisters.
  4. Inquire if they offer customization options, such as adding initials or symbols.
  5. Check if they have different metal options like gold or silver bands.
  6. See if the store carries birthstone accents to add a personal touch to the ring.

Custom jewelry designers

Custom jewelry designers are professionals who specialize in creating unique and personalized pieces. They can design big little sorority rings that are tailored to your specific preferences. Some custom jewelry designers offer a wide range of options, allowing you to choose the metal, gemstones, and design elements for your ring. By working with a custom jewelry designer, you can create a one-of-a-kind sorority ring that is truly special and meaningful.

Etsy shops

You can find a wide selection of big little sorority rings on Etsy. Here are some popular shops to check out:

  1. GreekLifeGifts: This shop offers handcrafted sorority rings with customizable initials and symbols.
  2. SororitySquaw: Here, you’ll find adjustable silver rings with engraved sorority symbols and birthstone accents.
  3. PersonalizeGreek: This shop specializes in personalized gold rings, perfect for matching with your big or little sister.
  4. GreekLetterShop: If you’re looking for simple and elegant designs, this shop has a variety of silver and gold band rings.
  5. SororityLifeUS: Explore their collection of handstamped rings featuring sorority letters and meaningful quotes.


In conclusion, big little sorority rings are a great way to show sisterhood and create lifelong memories. With matching and customizable options, these adorable rings can be personalized to reflect your unique style.

Whether in gold or silver, engraved or with birthstone accents, these rings are a perfect gift for bid day or the big little reveal. Wear them proudly as a symbol of your sorority pride and cherish them as keepsakes of your special bond with your sisters.