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Finding Your Tribe: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Sorority Family!

Choosing Your Sorority Family

Who says your don’t get to choose your family? 

Big Little brings out the best in all of us. Your big is your greatest idol, and you treasure your little more than words can say. Big Little is all about having a mentor, someone to fall back on when you need support. The girl who you can call at any point of the day, and know she’ll not only answer but run right to you to help you in both the good times and bad. The love you have for your family, the entire reveal process down to running into your Big’s arms, and the countless memories is just unexplainable. It’s difficult to express the love, devotion, and absolute adoration you have for your entire sorority family. No one quite gets it like your little sorority family. These girls are with you til the end; the ones next to you on your wedding day and every other important day for the rest of your life. They embrace every laugh and catch every tear. You can always vent to them, even if it’s the same conversation over and over they would never judge you so you feel completely safe being honest with her. Yet, they always tells you what you need to hear- yes, even when you don’t want to hear it. The best part? You get to be there for them too. It might be hard to put these feelings into words, but it’s easy to show your love with actions. After all, actions speak louder than words. Surprise them today!

The Bow Family

I’ve asked one family to express what their family means to them. They are Phi Mu sisters from the Alpha Kappa chapter at the College of Charleston. Their family is called the “Bow Family”. Meet Morgan (Grand-Big), Lauren (Big), and Carly (Little). They’re definitely one of the cutest families out there and are so lucky to have each other! And I’m LUCKY to call them sisters!

I joined Phi Mu because of my big. She’s the same person as me–we love pink, fro yo, cheerleading, and obviously bows. We talked about bows for at least 20 minutes during recruitment parties. The night of my big/little reveal, I was so excited to call Lindsay my big and I knew I had to find the perfect additions in the future. When I met my little during the next recruitment, I claimed her from day one. She may not have known how to properly rock a bow just yet, but that didn’t matter because she was perfect and I knew she would be the best addition for our Bow Fam. Watching my little grow as a Phi Mu (or sorority woman) has been the most rewarding experience. When my grand little was revealed, the three of us cried with excitement because we all knew we were in a good place. My little and grand little are some of my best friends. We’re there for each other through thick and thin and without my family, I don’t know that I would have survived these past few semesters away from home at school. People always say that our family is “super cute” and that we’re like clones of each other–and while that might be a little bit true, we definitely all have our little quirks that make us fit together so perfectly. I’ve never been able to be more of myself than when I’m with my fam, and while it’s scary being at the top of the family tree for now, I know I can depend on my little and grand little for anything and everything, and they can depend on me. Bow hard or go home, y’all!!

– Morgan O’Neill, President of Phi Mu (Alpha Kappa)

The bow fam means everything to me! They are my support system and home away from home. Morgan, my big, is the reason I went Phi Mu! Ever since we spent bid day together, I knew she was supposed to be my big and I know I couldn’t have stuck with Phi Mu if I didn’t have her! Carly, my little, is one of my best friends, we text all day and see each other at least once a day! I can talk to her about anything and she knows that I am always there for her too! Even Grandbig who is now an alumni was a huge influence on me! When Morgan first became president of Phi Mu, she was really busy and Lindsey stepped in and helped me with school and any problems I had! Without the bow family, Phi Mu would not be the same! I’m so thankful for them!! Bow fam for life!!

– Lauren Flint

Big little reveal has been one of my favorite experiences in Phi Mu so far. My Big Lauren and my Grand Big Morgan mean more to me than anyone could ever know. We aren’t just friends we are family and they are like big sisters to me. I know they would both give the world for me and I would do the same for them! I always have fun hanging out with them and they always make me laugh. I know the Bow Family isn’t something that will end when college is over, it is a friendship that will last a lifetime.

– Carly Tucker