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How I Found My Perfect Little

sorority big little week reveal unwrap

The big little process can be stressful. It can also be the best thing that happens to you in your college experience! My “finding the perfect little” story didn’t happen right away like so many stories you hear, of her being my rush crush or knowing the minute I talked to her at bid day. It was a search, but it was so worth it.

When we got our new member class I was intimidated to say the least. I was a junior looking for a little; what could this old grandma have to offer these fresh faced freshman. I immediately felt discouraged and afraid of rejection. I talked to my big first — who is quite possibly the greatest part of my sorority experience. She told me to put myself out there and to not be afraid of failure. So, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and reach out to some of the awesome women in our new member class. Although I didn’t take them as littles, I got to meet 10 new members who were all so unbelievably amazing in their own way. I would never have known them as well as I do if it wasn’t for my willingness to try! Through them I met more and more amazing girls who all kept encouraging me to reach out to one particular new member in their pledge class. Lucky for me, they were right and I saved the best for last.

I went into my little churro date with her with an open mind, just because people thought we’d make a perfect match I didn’t want to force it. I had met so many great girls already, but hadn’t had that, “This is the one” moment yet. The pressure of continuing our family was especially pressing since I was a second semester junior already. Almost instantly when this spunky little blonde hopped into my car I was obsessed with her wild, intellectual, compassionate spirit, that everyone had already sensed, was perfect for me! We talked for hours with nonstop conversation and I finally had the moment I was waiting for. My life has been better every day since.

So if you’re eager to find a little and there hasn’t been an instant connection yet, here’s what helped me. And if you’re a little who needs a little extra help finding a big, we have those tips for you here!

  1. Get the heck out of your comfort zone. Amazing things happen when you make the conscious decision to open yourself up to people.
  2. Don’t go in with a closed mind. There are so many great people out there so don’t be set on one rush crush. Make the effort to meet other rockstar women in your new member pledge class.
  3. Reach out to people in your chapter. You can’t get to know everyone on a deep level in such a short time, so ask around and take recommendations from your sisters who already know you so well. They might have met a member they think is perfect for you, trust them and take their recommendation!

Don’t be discouraged if things don’t go your way. Sometimes you won’t find someone you click with on that level, sometimes you will and they already have a stronger connection with someone else. Do not stress. The best things come from having an open mind, so take a chance on someone you hadn’t originally thought of because you never know what magic will come from it!