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How to Plan a Memorable Big Little Reveal for Your Sorority


Planning a memorable Big Little Reveal for your sorority can be an exciting yet daunting task. It’s not just about finding the perfect gift or organizing a fun event, it’s also about creating unforgettable bonds and cherished college memories.

This blog will tell you how to plan a memorable big little reveal for your sorority and will guide you through the process of planning an exceptional reveal that showcases thoughtfulness, creativity, and sisterhood bond. Let’s embark on this journey to making your Big Little Reveal a day every ‘sister’ looks forward to!

Key Takeaways

  • There are different types of Big Little Reveals for sororities, such as Sheet Reveal, Flower Pass, Musical Reveal, Hiding in a Car, and Balloon Pop.
  • Choosing a unique theme that reflects both the big and little’s interests is important for planning a memorable Big Little Reveal.
  • Personalized shirts with names or nicknames can make the reveal even more special. Coordinating surprises and decorations with other sorority members adds to the excitement.
  • Consider your little’s preferences when planning activities and gifts. Make them feel loved and appreciated during this exciting time.

Types of Big Little Reveals

There are various types of Big Little Reveals that you can plan for your sorority, including the Sheet Reveal, Flower Pass, Musical Reveal, Hiding in a Car, and Balloon Pop.

Sheet Reveal

A “Sheet Reveal” can be fun and thrilling. First, the Big hides behind a large sheet. The Little will then pull it away to see who her Big is for the first time. This method adds some drama to the reveal moment.

It helps build up a sense of surprise and delight. You can make it more exciting by decorating the sheet with bright colors or sorority symbols. That way, even when you’re waiting behind that sheet, your little knows something special is about to happen!

Flower Pass

The flower pass is a popular and meaningful way to reveal the big little pairings in a sorority. Each big holds a flower, and they form a circle while passing the flowers around. When the music stops, each little sister gets to keep the flower she is holding, which reveals her big sister.

It’s an exciting moment for both bigs and littles as they discover their new family member. This simple yet sentimental activity helps create bonds within the sorority family and adds joy to the overall reveal experience.

Musical Reveal

The musical reveal is a fun and exciting way to surprise your little sister during the big little reveal. You can plan a special playlist of songs that hold meaning for both you and your little, or choose songs that represent your sorority’s values and traditions.

When it’s time for the reveal, play the playlist and watch as your little sister starts to recognize the significance behind each song. It adds an element of anticipation and emotion to the moment, making it even more memorable.

Plus, everyone loves a good dance party! So get ready to boogie with your new sorority family member.

Hiding in a Car

For a fun and unexpected Big Little reveal, consider hiding in a car. This surprise can be arranged by having the big sister hide in the trunk or backseat of a car while the little sister is invited to get inside.

When the little opens the door, she will find her big waiting inside! This idea adds an element of excitement and anticipation to the reveal, creating a memorable moment for both bigs and littles.

Balloon Pop

For an exciting and surprising Big Little reveal, consider the Balloon Pop idea. Fill balloons with confetti or small notes revealing the big sister’s identity, and have the little sister pop them to find out who her big is.

This activity adds an element of anticipation and fun to the reveal process. It can be done in various ways, such as popping a balloon wall or individually popping balloons one by one.

The colorful burst of confetti or hidden messages will make this moment truly memorable for both the big and little sisters involved in the sorority family bonding experience.

Big Little Reveal Shirts

Choose from a variety of shirt themes and designs to make your big little reveal even more special.

Different shirt themes and ideas

Choosing the right shirt theme is important for a memorable Big Little reveal. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Matching Jerseys: Wear jerseys with your names and sorority letters to show your unity.
  2. Greek Goddesses: Embrace your sorority’s Greek roots with elegant shirts inspired by ancient mythology.
  3. Disney Magic: Create shirts featuring your favorite Disney characters to bring some childhood nostalgia to the reveal.
  4. Sorority Pride: Design shirts that showcase your sorority colors, symbols, and motto to demonstrate your pride and sisterhood.
  5. Personalized Messages: Add personalized messages or quotes that reflect the bond between you and your little.
  6. Pop Culture References: Incorporate references from movies, TV shows, or books that you both love to make the shirts fun and relatable.
  7. Inspirational Quotes: Choose motivational quotes that inspire you both and represent the values of your sorority.
  8. Coordinating Colors: Select complementary colors for your shirts to create a visually appealing group picture.

Personalized shirts for big and little

Personalized shirts are a great way to make the big little reveal even more special. You can choose different themes and ideas for the shirts that match your sorority’s identity and create a sense of unity among bigs and littles.

Adding personal touches such as names, nicknames, or inside jokes can make the shirts even more meaningful. It’s an opportunity to showcase your creativity and show how much you care about your little.

Don’t forget to accessorize with items like matching bracelets or pins to complete the look!

Tips for Planning a Memorable Big Little Reveal

Choose a unique and meaningful theme, plan creative and personalized reveal activities, coordinate with other members for surprises and decorations, consider the preferences and interests of your little, make the day special with thoughtful gestures and gifts.

Choose a unique and meaningful theme

Choosing a unique and meaningful theme for your Big Little reveal can make the event even more special. By selecting a theme that resonates with both you and your little, you can create an atmosphere that is personalized and memorable.

Consider themes like beach bash, space, ice age, or cow print to add creativity and excitement to the occasion. With a specific theme in mind, you can coordinate decorations, outfits, and activities that align with it.

This attention to detail will not only enhance the overall experience but also demonstrate thoughtfulness towards your little’s interests and preferences. Ultimately, choosing a unique and meaningful theme will help create lasting memories for both of you within the sorority family.

Plan creative and personalized reveal activities

Make your Big Little reveal extra special by planning creative and personalized activities that reflect the unique bond between you and your little. Consider organizing a scavenger hunt, with clues leading to different locations on campus or around town.

You can also create a themed photo booth where you can take fun pictures together. Another idea is to surprise your little with a special outing, like a picnic in the park or a movie night at home.

The key is to think about what your little would enjoy and tailor the activities to their interests and preferences. By putting thought into these activities, you’ll create lasting memories and make your Big Little reveal truly unforgettable.

Coordinate with other members for surprises and decorations

To make the Big Little reveal extra special, it’s important to coordinate with other members of your sorority. Work together to plan surprises and decorations that will add excitement and create a memorable atmosphere.

You can assign tasks to different members, like organizing a surprise performance or creating personalized decorations. By collaborating with others, you’ll be able to enhance the overall experience and ensure that the reveal is a truly unforgettable moment for everyone involved.

Consider the preferences and interests of your little

When planning a memorable Big Little reveal for your sorority, it’s important to consider the preferences and interests of your little. Think about what they like and try to incorporate those elements into the reveal.

Whether it’s their favorite color, a hobby they enjoy, or a theme they’ve mentioned before, incorporating these personal touches will make the reveal more meaningful and special for your little.

By taking their preferences into account, you can create an experience that truly reflects who they are and strengthen the bond between you as bigs and littles.

Make the day special with thoughtful gestures and gifts

Make your Big Little Reveal day extra special by showing your little how much they mean to you through thoughtful gestures and gifts. Consider their interests and preferences when planning surprises and decorations.

You can create personalized gifts or meaningful keepsakes that symbolize the bond between you two. Adding anticipation to the event, some bigs even give small presents leading up to the reveal.

These gestures not only make the day more memorable but also show your little that you are excited to welcome them into your sorority family. Remember, it’s all about making them feel loved and appreciated during this exciting time.


Planning a memorable Big Little reveal is an important part of sorority life. By choosing a unique theme, personalizing the reveal activities, and considering your little’s preferences, you can create a special day that both bigs and littles will cherish.

Remember to add thoughtful gestures and gifts to make the experience even more unforgettable. Happy revealing!


1. When should I start planning for a big little reveal?

It is recommended to start planning for a big little reveal at least 2-3 months in advance to ensure enough time for organization and preparation.

2. What are some ideas for making the big little reveal memorable?

Some ideas for making the big little reveal memorable include creating personalized gifts or crafts, organizing themed events or scavenger hunts, and incorporating meaningful traditions specific to your sorority.

3. How can I involve other members of my sorority in the big little reveal planning?

You can involve other members of your sorority in the big little reveal planning by forming committees or assigning tasks based on their interests and strengths. Holding brainstorming sessions or utilizing online platforms to gather suggestions can also encourage collaborative input.

4. Can I plan a budget-friendly big little reveal?

Yes, you can plan a budget-friendly big little reveal by focusing on creativity rather than expensive items. DIY projects, homemade treats, and cost-effective decorations can still create a special and memorable experience without breaking the bank.

5. What is the role of a new member educator during Big Little Week?

During Big Little Week, the role of a new member educator is to guide and support the new members as they navigate through the process of finding their big sister. They provide information about the different reveal activities and help answer any questions or concerns that the new members may have.