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How to Host an Easy Sisters-giving


It’s fall and we’re feeling grateful! Thanksgiving shouldn’t only be spent with your family at home because, after all, your sisters have become family too. But how do you even start thinking about hosting a sisters-giving? 

We are here with tips to make the day stress-free and as easy as (pumpkin) pie!

1. Get Cookin’ Good Lookin’…You’re In Charge of Turkey

If you’re feeling up to the challenge, call up mom or grandma because you’re going to need to know everything about making a turkey. It’s a lot harder than these seemingly professional cooks make it look! And make sure to have them on speed-dial for the day-of panics. Most importantly, know that your first turkey-dinner might not be up to par with the secret family recipe, but try your best! If worst comes to worst, at least you’ll always have the hilarious story of the first time you burnt a turkey.

Secret hack: You can always buy a turkey…or some rotisserie chicken! It’s just as festive, easy and delicious without the hassle!

2. If there’s a Turkey, There’s Gotta Be Some Gravy

If you provide the turkey, you have to provide the gravy! Again, give the ‘rents a ring and get the lowdown on how to make the gravy you’ve come to adore in your own household. Parents have the answer to everything, and so does Google; don’t be afraid to Google some yummy recipes and have no shame in picking the simplest one or buying some pre-made at the store.

3. Send out a GoogleDoc for the Sides

If you’re feeling up to it, then go ahead…make the sides too! But, chances are after planning, cleaning, and organizing, the side dishes would just cause unneeded stress! So, hand that job over to your guests and make it a potluck-style feast! Send out a signup sheet with a list of the must-haves! Here’s our list:


  • Apple Cider
  • Stuffing
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Roles
  • Cranberry Sauce


  • Apple Pie
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Whipped Cream
  • Vanilla Ice Cream

Be sure to ask your sisters to bring platters to serve their dish! Consider the number of dishes and serving utensils you’ll need, so these yummy creations can be served without any hassle!

5. Make it Pretty

Have your closest girls come an hour earlier than the rest and use some teamwork to get the table set and add those final touches! Make sure you have plenty of seats for your sisters and give your guests that warm and cozy holiday feeling. It can be as simple as a fall-themed floral piece you picked up at the grocery store or a garland of leaves you crafted from Michael’s. Just embrace the fall hues before the winter holiday season takes over! Make it budget friendly and make a trip to the Dollar Store for the festive decorations!

6. Set the Mood with the Perfect Playlist

Before the inevitable “let’s just play Christmas music” idea comes up, have someone make a playlist that everyone can enjoy. We all know background music is the key to a wonderful and festive evening!

7. Most Importantly…Give Thanks!

Giving thanks is what it’s all about right?! Go around the table and share what you are most thankful for while you stuff your tummy with all that delicious goodness! This will be the highlight of the night, no doubt about it. To get a little bit more into the thankful spirit, read our post on the 15 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Sisters. Like we even have to tell you.

What better way to give thanks than feasting with the girls you are the most thankful for! With this go to list, you are sure to host a night to remember! Sisters-giving is just one night to show your thanks but stay in the loving spirit all fall long. Before winter hits, check out our Top 7 Fall Activities To Do With Your Sisters and make this fall season one to remember.