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100 Inspirational Sorority Sayings to Share with Your Sisters


Exploring the bond shared in a sorority can sometimes be hard to put into words. It’s a unique blend of friendship, mentorship, and life-long connection that only sisterhood can offer.

In this blog post, we’ve curated 100 inspirational sorority sayings – 50 for Bigs and Littles and 50 General Sorority Sister Sayings to help you express these profound feelings of love and unity within your sorority family. Ready for some inspiration? Let’s delve into these empowering quotes!

50 Cute Sayings for Big Little Sisters

Discover a collection of cute and inspirational sayings that will uplift and inspire your big little sorority sisters.

  1. “Big heart, Little moments, endless memories.”
  2. “Every Big was once a Little, every Little has a Big dream.”
  3. “In the dance of sisterhood, my Big leads and my Little follows.”
  4. “To my Big: Your guidance is my compass. To my Little: The adventure awaits!”
  5. “Big shoes to fill, Little steps to follow.”
  6. “With my Big’s wisdom and my Little’s wonder, we’re unstoppable.”
  7. “For every Little challenge, there’s a Big solution.”
  8. “In the story of us, my Big wrote the prologue, my Little, the next chapter.”
  9. “Big dreams start with Little beginnings.”
  10. “To my Big: You’re the roots. To my Little: You’re the wings.”
  11. “Every Little thing she does is Big magic to me.”
  12. “In the sorority of life, my Big is the mentor, my Little, the muse.”
  13. “Big adventures, Little detours, one journey.”
  14. “To my Big: Thanks for setting the bar high. To my Little: Let’s soar!”
  15. “Every Big needs her Little to remind her of the joy in the journey.”
  16. “Big love in every Little moment.”
  17. “With a Big’s grace and a Little’s spirit, the world is ours.”
  18. “To my Big: Your legacy is my guide. To my Little: Our story has just begun.”
  19. “Big aspirations, Little inspirations.”
  20. “In the heart of every Little, there’s a Big dream waiting to unfold.”
  21. “To my Big: You’re the anchor. To my Little: You’re the horizon.”
  22. “Every Little memory has a Big story behind it.”
  23. “Big or Little, our bond is the real title.”
  24. “With my Big’s wisdom and my Little’s wonder, every day is a discovery.”
  25. “To my Big: You light the path. To my Little: Let’s illuminate the world.”
  26. “Big moments, Little treasures.”
  27. “Every Big story starts with a Little chapter.”
  28. “To my Big: You’re the foundation. To my Little: You’re the future.”
  29. “Big lessons, Little moments, one bond.”
  30. “With a Big’s guidance and a Little’s curiosity, there’s no limit.”
  31. “To my Big: You’re the map. To my Little: Let’s explore!”
  32. “Big heartbeats sync with Little rhythms.”
  33. “Every Little step forward is a Big leap in our journey.”
  34. “To my Big: You’re the strength. To my Little: You’re the spark.”
  35. “Big dreams, Little wonders, endless adventures.”
  36. “With my Big’s experience and my Little’s enthusiasm, we’re a perfect pair.”
  37. “To my Big: You’re the wisdom. To my Little: You’re the joy.”
  38. “Big challenges, Little victories, together always.”
  39. “Every Little laugh echoes a Big memory.”
  40. “To my Big: You’re the shelter. To my Little: You’re the sunshine.”
  41. “Big or Little, our hearts beat in unison.”
  42. “With a Big’s advice and a Little’s ambition, the sky’s the limit.”
  43. “To my Big: You’re the legacy. To my Little: You’re the promise.”
  44. “Big memories, Little moments, one sisterhood.”
  45. “Every Little dream is a Big possibility.”
  46. “To my Big: You’re the melody. To my Little: You’re the song.”
  47. “Big inspirations, Little miracles.”
  48. “With a Big’s care and a Little’s charm, we shine.”
  49. “To my Big: You’re the roots. To my Little: You’re the bloom.”
  50. “Big journeys, Little footprints, endless love.”

These sayings capture the essence of the Big-Little relationship, emphasizing the mentorship, love, and shared experiences that define this special bond.

50 Inspirational Sorority Sayings

  1. “Sisters by choice, friends for life.”
  2. “In the heart of every sister, there’s a bond unbreakable.”
  3. “Different flowers from the same garden.”
  4. “Side by side or miles apart, sisters are always close at heart.”
  5. “Sorority life: where strangers become sisters.”
  6. “Together we rise, together we shine.”
  7. “Sisters today, tomorrow, forever.”
  8. “Through thick and thin, always sisters.”
  9. “Our bond is the thread that ties our hearts together.”
  10. “Sisters in spirit, friends at heart.”
  11. “In the tapestry of life, we’re stitched together by sisterhood.”
  12. “One motto, one badge, countless memories.”
  13. “Sisters make the world brighter.”
  14. “With you, sister, every moment is a cherished memory.”
  15. “Sorority life: where every chapter tells a story of sisterhood.”
  16. “Our bond isn’t just in letters; it’s in moments.”
  17. “Sisters by oath, friends by choice.”
  18. “In the symphony of life, our laughter is the melody.”
  19. “Sisters are different petals from the same flower.”
  20. “Together as sisters, we make a difference.”
  21. “Bound by sisterhood, uplifted by love.”
  22. “With my sisters, every day is a new adventure.”
  23. “Sisters are the colors in the palette of life.”
  24. “In the journey of life, sisters are the compass.”
  25. “Sorority life: where every day is a page in the diary of sisterhood.”
  26. “With sisters, every challenge becomes an opportunity.”
  27. “Our bond is written not in ink, but in memories.”
  28. “Sisters are the anchors in the stormy sea of life.”
  29. “In the book of life, our chapter is sisterhood.”
  30. “Sisters light up the path of each other’s journey.”
  31. “Bound by a promise, united by love.”
  32. “With my sisters, the world feels right.”
  33. “Sisters are the silver lining in the cloud of life.”
  34. “In the dance of life, sisters are the rhythm.”
  35. “Sorority life: where bonds are forged in the heart.”
  36. “With sisters, every moment becomes a treasure.”
  37. “Sisters are the golden threads in the fabric of life.”
  38. “In the garden of life, sisters are the blossoms.”
  39. “Sorority life: where every letter stands for love.”
  40. “With my sisters, I am never alone.”
  41. “Sisters are the stars that light up our universe.”
  42. “In the story of life, sisters are the best chapters.”
  43. “Sorority life: where love is the language we all speak.”
  44. “With sisters, dreams become realities.”
  45. “Sisters are the magic in the mundane.”
  46. “In the mosaic of life, sisters are the most beautiful pieces.”
  47. “Sorority life: where every day is a celebration of sisterhood.”
  48. “With my sisters, every challenge becomes a conquest.”
  49. “Sisters are the heartbeat in the song of life.”
  50. “In the journey of life, sisters are the best travel companions.”

These sayings encapsulate the essence of sorority sisterhood, emphasizing the deep bonds, shared experiences, and unwavering support that define these special relationships.


In conclusion, these 50 inspirational big little sorority sayings are the perfect way to show love and support for your sisters. Whether you’re looking for quotes to share on Instagram or want to express your gratitude in a thoughtful card, these sayings will inspire and uplift your sorority family.

So go ahead, spread the sisterhood vibes and cherish the special moments you share with your sisters.


1. How can I use these big little sorority sayings with my sisters?

You can share these inspirational sayings with your sorority sisters by writing them in cards, posting them on social media, or using them as conversation starters during chapter meetings or sisterhood events.

2. Can I customize these sorority sayings to make them more personal?

Yes, you can personalize these sorority sayings by adding the names of your sisters or incorporating specific memories and inside jokes that are meaningful to your sorority.

3. What are some occasions where I can use these big little sorority sayings?

These big little sorority sayings can be used for various occasions such as initiation ceremonies, recruitment events, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation celebrations, or just to uplift and inspire your sisters anytime.

4. Can I use these inspirational sayings outside of my sorority?

Absolutely! These inspirational sayings can be shared with anyone who needs a positive boost or encouragement in their lives – friends, family members, colleagues or even on social media platforms to spread positivity and motivation.