How to Be the Best Sorority Big (Via Gif)

Best Big GIF Featured Image

Being a sorority big sis can be a lot more responsibility than you prepared yourself for. It’s not just the financial responsibility of spoiling her, but it’s the emotional responsibility of being a mentor, a friend, sometimes a stand in parent and a big sister to your new member.  A-List has laid out the most […]

Hazing: How to Bring Awareness and Prevent It

These Hands Don't Haze

Here at A-List we love talking about the best parts of the sorority experience, but we also want to make sure those best parts are being felt by all of your members, all of the time. That means sometimes talking about the serious stuff…like hazing. Hazing prevention and awareness is incredibly important so we figured […]

The Evolution from Rush Crush to Little

Featured Image Rush Crush to Little VIA GIF

Finding your little can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Here at A-List we have put all of these emotions into gifs to better explain what you’re going through. Enjoy! ∞∞∞ 1. When recruitment is coming up and you are so excited to start the little hunt. It’s time to start looking for your potential littles […]

How I Found My Perfect Little

How I Found My Perfect Little

The big little process can be stressful. It can also be the best thing that happens to you in your college experience! My “finding the perfect little” story didn’t happen right away like so many stories you hear, of her being my rush crush or knowing the minute I talked to her at bid day. […]

5 Important Tips For Finding The Perfect Big

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Big

So you’ve joined a sorority. You’re done… no more stress, no more decisions. Right? Wrong. Now you’ve been thrown into the hectic world that is finding your big and we have a few tips to help you find the girl that will spoil you rotten. Reach out. In the weeks/days/hours leading up to big/little preferences, reach […]

The Ultimate College Survival Guide – Tips for a Killer Freshman Year

ALists Ultimate College Survival Guide

This comprehensive guide tackles the following topics, chapter by chapter: Chapter 1: Choosing Where to Live During College – In this chapter, you will learn about different housing options available to college students, including on-campus and off-campus housing options. The pros and cons of each housing option are discussed in detail. Chapter 2: Adjusting to Campus […]

Pics You NEED to Get When Spring Breaking with Your Sisters

Instagram Round-Up Spring Break With Sisters

SPRING BREAK is here! Chances are you are spending it with your sisters. Spring Break brings sun, fun and hopefully tons of cute photo ops. We’ve collected some of our fave Spring Break with Sisters pics in this latest instagram round-up. Tag @a_listgreek in your own Spring Break pics for a chance to be featured! Enjoy […]

5 Fool-Proof Study Tips to Get You Through Midterms

It’s the second to worst time of the year besides finals… it’s midterm season. It is the dreaded time of the year when all your teachers decide that they want to check in on how you’re understanding their material, and the best part is they all schedule the tests during the same week! [clickToTweet tweet=”Stressing […]

15 Impressive Sorority Recruitment Videos

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AST Sorority Recruitment Video Spring 2017 Dogs, snow, and sisters. What more could you want? This super cute recruitment video is brought to you by the Epsilon Mu chapter of AST. We are obsessed! Alpha Phi Ohio State Recruitment 2017 This absolutely epic recruitment video sets out to destroy the stereotypes surrounding sorority women and […]

The Best Kappa Kappa Gamma Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Kappa - Best Social Media Accounts Featured

Sorority chapter instagram accounts are our obsession. We follow along so we can make sure to keep up with the latest sorority trends. We thought we’d share some of our favorite instagram accounts from each sorority. These accounts are perfect for getting sisterhood, t-shirt, big/little and theme inspo for your chapters! Or even just to […]