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Theta Phi Alpha State Necklace


Leadership. Individuality. Faith

College may have taken you out of state, but always be reminded of home with this Theta Phi Alpha state necklace. The dainty, subtle design is perfect to wear every day as a constant reminder of your family back home combined with the new adventure and new family you’re finding in Theta Phi.

Sigma Sigma Sigma State Necklace


Faithful. Belonging. Home

Even if college takes you out of state, our Sigma Sigma Sigma state necklace will always bring you home. Wear this necklace every day as a reflection of family and home combined with the new memories and bonds you’re creating though Tri Sigma with your new sorority sisters.


Sigma Kappa State Necklace


Heart. Peace. Comfort.

Sororities and our sisters can make us feel at home on otherwise huge college campuses. Wear that comfort and feeling of home over your heart every day with this Sigma Kappa State necklace. The dainty state charm can be worn alone as a subtle statement or blends perfectly when layered in a trendy necklace stack.


Sigma Delta Tau State Necklace


Resilient. Hope. Leadership

No need to be homesick with this Sigma Delta Tau State Necklace. Combine your two favorite places to remind you of the comfort and home you have back with your family, with the exciting new experiences and sisterhood of Sigma Delta Tau.

Pi Beta Phi State Necklace


Sisterhood. Intellect. Respect

You’re in a Pi Phi State of Mind and you will be all year round with this Pi Beta Phi State Necklace. Whether you study abroad or go out of state during school breaks, this necklace will be a sweet and subtle reminder of the home and sisterhood waiting for you back at school.


Phi Mu State Necklace


Energy. Courage. Family

Run home to Phi Mu on bid day and every single day after that. There’s no better feeling than finding your people and your place in a new town or even a new state. Wear your love for your new home every day with this classic and dainty Phi Mu State Necklace.