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25 Sorority Big Little Week Themes for an Unforgettable Reveal


Looking to make this year’s Big Little Week memorable? Choosing the perfect theme can be a challenge! This blog post offers 25 unique and captivating sorority reveal themes that will make your special week unforgettable.

Dive into our list and get inspired to create an exciting, picture-perfect reveal that you’ll cherish forever!

Key Takeaways

  • This article provides 15 creative and fun themes for sorority Big Little Week reveals
  • Each theme offers unique decorations and activities to make the reveal experience unforgettable
  • We also suggest 10 matching big little outfit ideas

15 Sorority Big Little Week Themes

Get ready to make a statement with these 15 creative and fun sorority big little week themes that will leave your new members in awe.

  • Kanye “Famous” Theme: Inspired by the iconic rapper, this theme can be all about glitz, glamour, and a touch of controversy.
  • Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward Costumes: Dive deep into the world of Bikini Bottom with this fun and quirky theme.
  • Pirate Sailor Theme: Ahoy, matey! Set sail on the high seas of sisterhood with pirate hats and sailor caps.
  • Amanda Show Theme: A throwback to the popular Nickelodeon show, perfect for 90s kids.
  • Beyonce Flawless Theme: Channel your inner Queen Bey with this empowering and fierce theme.
  • Donut Theme: Sweet, delightful, and universally loved – just like the bond between Big and Little.
  • High School Musical Theme: Relive the drama, romance, and catchy tunes of East High.
  • Hollywood Red Carpet Theme: Roll out the red carpet and let your Big and Little shine like the stars they are. Complete with paparazzi, glam outfits, and maybe even a mock award ceremony to celebrate the newest sorority pairs. It’s all about feeling fabulous and making a grand entrance!
  • Musical Theme: From Broadway hits to classic musicals, this theme is perfect for those who love to sing and dance.
  • Sorority Life Theme: Embrace all things sorority with a theme that celebrates Greek life traditions.
  • Sorority Family Shirts Theme: Design coordinated shirts that celebrate the unique bond of your sorority family.
  • Big/Little Reveal Costumes: Choose a theme and design costumes that perfectly encapsulate the essence of your relationship.
  • Big/Little Traditions: Dive deep into the traditions of Big-Little week and design a theme around them.
  • Sisterhood Theme: Celebrate the bond of sisterhood with a theme that honors the connections and memories you’ve built.
  • Adventure and Exploration Theme: Embark on a journey of discovery, symbolizing the new adventures Big and Little will embark on together.

10 Matching Sorority Big Little Costume Ideas

  1. Twinning Tees: Classic matching t-shirts with “Big” and “Little” printed in bold, perhaps with a fun graphic or inside joke.
  2. Dynamic Duo Costumes: Think iconic pairs like peanut butter & jelly, Batman & Robin, or milk & cookies.
  3. Monogrammed Madness: Personalized sweatshirts or jackets with both your sorority letters and individual initials.
  4. Jersey Jive: Matching jerseys with “Big” and “Little” as the names on the back. Bonus points for adding the year of the reveal.
  5. Pajama Party: Coordinated pajama sets for those cozy movie nights in.
  6. Denim Divas: Matching denim jackets with custom patches or embroidery showcasing your sorority symbols and personal touches.
  7. Boho Beauties: Coordinated boho-style outfits with matching flower crowns for a festival-inspired look.
  8. Athleisure Aces: Matching workout gear, perhaps with a fun slogan like “Big Goals” and “Little Steps.”
  9. Retro Radiance: Throwback to the ’80s or ’90s with vintage tees, high-waisted jeans, and perhaps some scrunchies for good measure.
  10. Victoria’s Secret Angels: Inspired by the Pinterest board, dress up as glamorous angels with matching wings and attire.

How to Make the Big Little Reveal Special

Personalized shirts, creative baskets, reveal day activities – these are just a few ways to make the big little reveal extra special. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Personalized shirts

  • Get personalized shirts made for the big and little sisters.
  • Customize the shirts with their names or nicknames to make them feel special.
  • Choose matching designs or colors to show off your sorority bond.
  • Coordinate the reveal by having everyone wear their personalized shirts on that day.
  • Take pictures together in your matching shirts to capture the memory.

Creative baskets

During Big Little Week, one way to make the reveal special is by putting together creative baskets. Here are some ideas:

  1. Sweet Treats Basket: Fill a basket with your little’s favorite candies, chocolates, and snacks.
  2. DIY Spa Basket: Include bath bombs, face masks, nail polish, and other pampering items for a relaxing spa day.
  3. Study Essentials Basket: Stock up on pens, notebooks, sticky notes, and other study supplies to help your little succeed academically.
  4. Movie Night Basket: Put together a collection of your little’s favorite movies, popcorn, and cozy blankets for a fun movie night in.
  5. Fitness Fanatic Basket: If your little loves working out, fill a basket with workout equipment like resistance bands, water bottles, and workout DVDs.
  6. Crafty Creativity Basket: Include art supplies like paints, brushes, sketchbooks, and colored pencils for your little’s creative projects.
  7. Coffee Lover’s Basket: Fill a basket with different flavored coffees or specialty coffee beans along with a cute mug for those early morning study sessions.
  8. Outdoor Adventure Basket: If your little enjoys the outdoors, include items like a frisbee, sunscreen, bug spray, and a water bottle for their outdoor adventures.
  9. Music Lover’s Basket: Put together a playlist of songs that you know your little likes along with headphones or concert tickets if possible.
  10. Self-Care Package: Include items like face masks, bath salts or oils for relaxation and self-care moments.

Reveal day activities

On the day of the reveal, here are some fun activities to make the experience even more special:

  1. Take pictures: Capture the excitement and joy of the reveal by taking lots of pictures with your new little sister.
  2. Decorate a reveal space: Set up a designated area where you can decorate with balloons, signs, and other personalized items to create a picture-perfect backdrop for the big reveal.
  3. Exchange gifts: Plan a small gift exchange between you and your little sister to show your appreciation and bond even more.
  4. Share stories: Take some time to share stories or memories with each other, building a deeper connection and creating new ones.
  5. Create a scavenger hunt: Plan a themed scavenger hunt that leads your little sister to different locations on campus or within your sorority house, ending in the ultimate reveal surprise.
  6. Have a picnic or meal together: Enjoy some quality time together by having a picnic or sharing a meal with your big and little sisters.
  7. Watch favorite movies or shows: Spend some time watching your favorite movies or shows together, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.
  8. DIY crafts: Get creative by doing DIY crafts together, such as making matching bracelets or painting canvases that represent your bond.
  9. Play games: Organize games like charades or board games to create a fun and lively atmosphere during the reveal celebration.

Making the most of the reveal

To make the most of the reveal during Big Little Week, there are a few things you can do. First, consider personalized shirts for both the big and little sisters. These shirts can feature their names or nicknames, as well as any sorority symbols or themes related to their chosen reveal theme.

Another idea is to create creative gift baskets for your new little sister. Fill these baskets with small presents and goodies that they will love. On reveal day, plan some fun activities to make the moment even more special.

This could include setting up a photo booth with props related to your theme or organizing a scavenger hunt leading up to the big reveal. Remember, this is an exciting time for both you and your new little sister, so make sure to enjoy every moment!


In conclusion, these 25 creative and fun themes for sorority Big Little Week reveals are sure to make the experience unforgettable. From beach vibes to wizardry adventures, there is something for everyone.

So go ahead and plan a picture-perfect reveal that will have both the big and little sisters smiling from ear to ear.


1. What is a Big Little Week theme?

A Big Little Week theme is a creative and fun concept that sororities use to plan activities and events leading up to the reveal of big sisters (Bigs) and little sisters (Littles).

2. How can these themes make the reveal unforgettable?

These themes add excitement, anticipation, and a sense of unity among sorority members during Big Little Week, making the reveal moment more memorable and special.

3. Can I come up with my own theme for Big Little Week?

Yes, you can definitely create your own unique Big Little Week theme based on your sorority’s traditions, values, or interests. It adds a personal touch to the experience.

4. Do all members of the sorority participate in Big Little Week activities?

Yes, all members of the sorority are encouraged to participate in different activities planned during Big Little Week, fostering camaraderie and building stronger relationships within the sisterhood.