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Beyond the Basics: Unique and Fun Ideas for Your Sorority Big Little Week!


Finding fresh and entertaining ideas for a memorable Sorority Big Little Week can seem daunting. This special week, steeped in tradition, serves as an essential bonding time for sisterhood.

Our post is packed with zesty suggestions that range from scavenger hunts to personalized gift baskets, all designed to deepen connections and create lasting memories. Ready to transform your big-little week into an unforgettable experience? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

Creative Big Little Reveal Ideas

Some fun and exciting ideas for revealing your big or little during Big-Little Week include a sheet reveal, flower pass, musical reveal, hiding in a car, and a balloon pop.

Sheet Reveal

Let’s look at the Sheet Reveal. It is a fun and exciting way to meet your new little sister. One person stands behind a big sheet, holding it up. Another person stands in front of the sheet.

The two people don’t know who each other are yet. Then, drop the sheet! Now they can see each other for the first time. This game brings laughter and makes this day even more special.

Flower Pass

During the big-little week, a fun and creative idea for revealing your sorority big or little is through a game called “Flower Pass.” In this activity, each member of the sorority family holds a flower while standing in a circle.

The person who is revealing their role as the big or little sister starts by passing their flower to someone else in the circle, while saying something special about that person. Then, that person passes their flower to another member and continues sharing kind words.

This process repeats until everyone has received and passed on a flower. It’s a heartwarming way to celebrate sisterhood and make each member feel loved and appreciated during this special time.

Musical Reveal

One fun and creative idea for a memorable sorority big-little reveal is the musical reveal. Instead of simply giving clues or hiding items, you can create an interactive and exciting experience by incorporating music into the reveal process.

For example, you can have your big sister choose a special song that represents their relationship with you as their little sister. Then, during the reveal, they can play that song while presenting you with a gift or revealing themselves in some way.

This adds an extra level of emotion and meaning to the reveal and creates a lasting memory between bigs and littles.

Hiding in a Car

One exciting and memorable idea for a sorority big-little reveal is hiding in a car. During this activity, the new little sister can be blindfolded and led to a car where her big sister is waiting inside.

When the blindfold is removed, she will be surprised to find her big sister there, ready to welcome her into the sorority family. This unique and interactive reveal allows for an intimate moment between the two sisters and adds an element of surprise to the big-little week festivities.

Balloon Pop

During sorority Big-Little Week, one fun and interactive activity idea is the Balloon Pop. In this activity, each big sister prepares a surprise for their little sister by filling balloons with special notes or small gifts.

The balloons are then scattered around a designated area. The little sisters have to pop the balloons to find the surprises inside. This game not only adds an element of excitement but also creates opportunities for bonding between big and little sisters as they search for their surprises together.

It’s a memorable way to celebrate their new sorority family and create lasting memories during Big-Little Week.

Unique Big Little Reveal Shirts

Dunkin Big Little Shirts, Butterfly Big Little Theme, AC/DC Big Little T-Shirts, Harry Styles Sorority T-shirts, and Sunflower Big Little Shirts.

Dunkin Big Little Shirts

Dunkin Big Little Shirts are a fun and unique way to celebrate the bond between big and little sisters in a sorority. These shirts feature the iconic Dunkin’ Donuts logo with a twist, incorporating sorority symbols or letters to make them personalized.

Wearing these shirts during big-little reveal week adds excitement and unity among sorority members. It’s a great way for the new little sister to feel welcomed into her new family while also showing off her sorority pride.

Whether enjoying coffee together or just hanging out on campus, Dunkin Big Little Shirts add an extra touch of fun to this special week.

Butterfly Big Little Theme

One unique and creative idea for a memorable sorority big-little week is to have a “Butterfly Big Little Theme.” This theme can be incorporated into various activities and decorations throughout the week.

For example, you could decorate the reveal location with colorful butterfly cutouts or use butterfly-themed props during the revealing process. Another idea is to create custom t-shirts with butterfly designs for both the big and little sisters to wear proudly.

The butterfly theme can also extend to the date ideas, such as visiting a butterfly garden or going on a nature hike where you can spot different butterflies. Overall, incorporating a butterfly theme adds an elegant touch and creates a cohesive atmosphere during big-little week.

AC/DC Big Little T-Shirts

You can make your big-little week even more memorable by designing AC/DC themed t-shirts. These shirts will add a rock and roll vibe to your sorority bonding experience. Your big and little sisters can wear matching shirts with the iconic AC/DC logo, showing off your shared love for music.

It’s a unique and fun way to celebrate your sisterhood while expressing your individuality. So get creative and design some awesome AC/DC big little t-shirts that everyone will love!

Harry Styles Sorority T-shirts

For a unique and stylish twist during Sorority Big-Little Week, consider creating Harry Styles-themed T-shirts. These shirts can showcase the love for the pop icon while also incorporating sorority colors and symbols.

It’s a fun way to bond with your sisters and show off your shared interests. Whether you opt for catchy lyrics or memorable images, these Harry Styles Sorority T-shirts are sure to make a statement during the big reveal.

Get creative and have fun designing these one-of-a-kind shirts that will make your Big-Little Week even more memorable!

Sunflower Big Little Shirts

One fun and unique idea for Big-Little reveal shirts is to have a sunflower theme. Sunflowers are bright, cheerful, and represent growth and happiness – perfect for celebrating the beginning of a new sorority sisterhood! The shirts can feature cute sunflower designs, such as a big sunflower with “Big” written inside it and smaller ones with “Little” written inside.

This theme not only looks adorable but also symbolizes the bond between the Big and Little sisters as they embark on their journey together. It’s a great way to show off your sorority spirit and create lasting memories during Big-Little week.

Memorable Big Little Date Ideas

Paint canvases based on personality. Decorate baskets with personalized items. Plan a beach bash-themed outing. Enjoy a spa day together. Have an outdoor movie night.

Painting canvases based on personality

Painting canvases based on personality is a fun activity that can help you bond with your new little sister. Here are some ideas for personalized canvases:

  1. Choose colors that reflect your little sister’s personality and interests.
  2. Paint symbols or images that represent her hobbies, such as music notes for a music lover or footballs for a sports enthusiast.
  3. Incorporate inspirational quotes or words that resonate with her.
  4. Use different painting techniques like splatter painting or stenciling to add variety and texture to the canvas.
  5. Consider creating a collage by cutting out pictures from magazines or printing out photos that relate to her passions.
  6. Don’t be afraid to experiment and let your creativity shine through.

Basket decorating with personalized items

Decorate a basket with personalized items for your big or little sister’s big-little reveal week. Here are some ideas:

  1. Fill the basket with their favorite snacks and treats.
  2. Add personalized notes or letters to express your excitement and love.
  3. Include small gifts that reflect their interests, such as a book, a movie, or a piece of jewelry.
  4. Customize the basket with their favorite colors or sorority symbols.
  5. Consider adding handmade items, like a painted picture frame or a hand – stitched keychain.
  6. Don’t forget to include some sorority merchandise, like stickers or pins, to show off your sisterhood pride.

Beach bash theme

For a fun and memorable Big-Little date during sorority week, consider planning a beach bash theme. You can gather your sisters and head to the nearest beach or even set up an outdoor sandy area with beach chairs and umbrellas.

Create a festive atmosphere by playing some tropical music and provide beach-themed snacks like fruit skewers, mini sandwiches, and refreshing beverages. Encourage everyone to dress in their favorite summer outfits or swimsuits for added fun.

You can organize activities such as sandcastle building competitions, relay races, or even beach volleyball matches. This beach bash theme will surely create lasting memories of sisterhood and bonding during Big-Little week.

Spa day

During big-little week, treat your new little sister to a relaxing spa day. Take her to a local spa or create your own spa experience at home. Give each other facials, do manicures and pedicures, and put on soothing face masks.

Play calm music and light scented candles to create a tranquil atmosphere. This is a great way to bond with your little sister while pampering yourselves and relieving stress.

Outdoor movie night

One fun and memorable activity to include during sorority big-little week is an outdoor movie night. You can set up a cozy outdoor space with blankets, pillows, and string lights. Choose a popular movie that everyone will enjoy and project it onto a large screen or wall.

Don’t forget the popcorn and snacks! This activity allows for bonding time as sisters can relax together while watching the movie under the stars. It’s a great way to create lasting memories and strengthen the bond between bigs and littles in a fun and relaxed setting.


Have a blast during your sorority big-little week with these fun and creative ideas! From unique reveal activities to personalized shirts, there are so many ways to make this week memorable.

Don’t forget to plan exciting dates like painting canvases or having a beach bash. Make the most of this special time with your sorority sisters and create lifelong memories together.


1. What is a “Big-Little Week” in sororities?

A “Big-Little Week” is a special time in sororities where new members (littles) get to bond and spend quality time with their assigned mentors (bigs), creating lasting memories and forming strong relationships.

2. Are there any specific activities that can make Big-Little Week memorable?

Yes, there are many fun and creative ideas for a memorable Big-Little Week, such as crafting personalized gifts, organizing themed parties or game nights, going on group outings or adventures, and participating in community service projects together.

3. How can I ensure everyone feels included during Big-Little Week?

To ensure inclusivity during Big-Little Week, it’s important to plan activities that cater to different interests, involve both littles and bigs in decision-making processes, encourage open communication and bonding between pairs, and create an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

4. Can non-Greek members participate in the activities of Sorority Big-Little Week?

The participation of non-Greek members may vary depending on the specific rules set by each sorority chapter. However, some events or activities may be open to friends or guests of sorority members to promote inclusivity within the Greek community.