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From Sorority Rush Crush to Little Sis

Sorority Recruitment Tips for PNMs beach bid day

Finding Your Little (as told via gifs)

Finding your little can be a rollercoaster of emotions. Here at A List we have put all of these emotions into gifs to better explain what you’re going through. Enjoy the journey from sorority rush crush to little sis!

  1. When recruitment is coming up and you are so excited to start the little hunt
image 4

It’s time to start looking for your potential little amongst the hundreds of PNMs.

  1. When you find a rush crush and can’t wait a whole day to have to talk to her again

You’ve found your rush crush and now you can’t wait to see her in a party the next day! You’ll find any reason to talk to her because you know she’s your potential little

  1. When your Rush Crush gets a bid
image 9

Recruitment is over, and she’s officially a member, you know what that means. Time to make her fall in love with you. Turn the charm on and show her just how perfect you two are together!

  1. When you ask her to hangout for the first time and you’re trying to play it cool
image 12

You’re nervous, you just want her to love you! It’s normal, but turn those nervous jitters into excitement, because you are about to go on your first date with your future BFF.

  1. When you go on a billion dates with the new member pledge class so you don’t seem obsessive
image 6

You cannot be set on one girl, as much as you would love to be. Expand your options and meet new people! The more the merrier, it doesn’t hurt to get to know the new members of your sisterhood!

  1. When other girls take your potential little out on dates, but you’re trying to act cool
image 1

You’re fine. You’re totally cool with it. You’re future little just better not have more fun with them than you

  1. When you have asked her to hang out 6/7 days this week and you need to tone it down
image 8

The obsession is real, but honestly no shame. When you find your girl it’s hard to not want to spend all your time with her! Just make sure you’re not suffocating her with love. 

  1. When you made your little preference list and you’re hoping she put you first on her list too.
image 5

You’ve submitted your list and now it’s time to get the call that she is officially your little!

  1. When you’re still waiting to hear back about who you got as a little
image 14

When it’s taking forever to hear back and you’re getting super anxious but trying to play it cool.

  1. When the big little pairings come out
image 2

And you got her!!! All of the shmoozing, and dates, and waiting has all led to this moment!

  1. When you tell all your friends who your little is
image 11

Naturally, you went straight to your friends to tell them the good news! You are bursting at the seams with excitement

  1. When you get to start crafting for spoils
image 13

Now you get to show her your crafting skills and spoil her to death! Customize her spoils to show her that your obsessive stalking and dates have paid off! Reveal is right around the corner!!

  1. When spoils siphon your bank account
image 10

Inevitably spoils are going to drain your bank account. It’s impossible to not go over the top for your little one! But, it is oh so worth it and she is so thankful for your love and generosity. 

  1. When you see your perfect little at reveal

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This one isn’t a gif but I love it so much

image 7

REVEAL IS HERE! Nothing is better than seeing your little bean in your matching outfits. Screams and shrills of excitement won’t cease in this chaotic time, but it is such a memorable and fun experience you get to share with your little one. 

  1. When you realize she’s perfect for you
image 3

And now you can breathe. She’s yours, you’re hers and the rest is history. Now it’s time to make more memories with your newfound best friend!

Finding your little is a lot, but boy is it worth it! When you get her, hold on tight, you are about to make memories that will last a lifetime! To learn more about how to craft spoils for your perfect little one click here