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The Ultimate Collection of Sorority Sister Big Little Quotes


Making your sorority experience memorable is all about embracing the unique bonds of sisterhood – and sometimes, expressing that bond can be hard. Whether you’re a Big Sister preparing for reveal week or a Little looking for ways to express your appreciation, finding the right words is key.

This article will provide an ultimate collection of sorority sister big little quotes that capture the essence of sorority sisterhood. Dive in and let these words inspire deeper connections within your Greek family!

Key Takeaways

  • This article provides a collection of big little quotes that capture the essence of sorority sisterhood, offering inspiration and motivation for deeper connections within your Greek family.
  • The quotes emphasize the importance of enjoying the little things in life, dreaming big, making no little plans, making progress each day, and expressing love with your whole heart.
  • The article also includes information about stylish sorority family shirts and designs that showcase pride in your sorority family bond.
  • Additionally, it discusses sorority family reveal ideas such as rockstar shirts for Alpha Chi sisters and personalized name signs and art to further celebrate sisterhood.

Big Little Sorority Quotes

Celebrate the little things in life and find joy in every moment.

Enjoy the little things in life

“Enjoy the little things in life” is a great quote. It speaks to sorority sisters about fun times and happy moments. Small joys like sharing a laugh, having late-night talks, or coffee dates with your sisters matter.

These are the heart of sisterhood bonds in sororities. Little things create big memories over time!

Dream big little one

Dream big little one. This quote encourages you to have big dreams and aim high in life, no matter how small or young you may be. It reminds you that there are no limits to what you can achieve if you believe in yourself and work hard towards your goals.

So never let anyone tell you that your dreams are too big or out of reach. Dreaming big allows you to discover new possibilities, break through barriers, and create a bright future for yourself.

Embrace this quote as a source of motivation and inspiration to chase after your dreams with unwavering determination and passion.

Make no little plans

“Make no little plans” emphasizes the importance of thinking big and dreaming without limits. It encourages us to set ambitious goals and reach for greatness in everything we do. This quote reminds us that it’s okay to have audacious aspirations because even small steps towards our dreams can lead to great achievements.

So, aim high, push beyond your comfort zone, and never underestimate the power of your dreams.

A little progress each day

Making a little progress each day is important when it comes to achieving your goals. It may not seem like much at first, but small steps forward can lead to big accomplishments over time.

Whether it’s studying for a test, working on a project, or learning a new skill, taking consistent action every day will help you make steady progress. Remember that even small victories are worth celebrating because they contribute to your overall success.

So keep pushing forward and don’t get discouraged if things don’t happen overnight – every little bit of effort counts towards reaching your goals.

Love you with my whole heart

Expressing love and affection towards your sorority sister is an important part of the Big/Little Sorority Week. One meaningful quote that reflects this bond is “Love you with my whole heart.” It signifies the deep connection and care between sisters in the sorority.

By saying this, you’re letting your sister know that they are cherished and valued unconditionally. This quote can be used as a caption for Instagram photos or written on a card to express your love during special occasions.

It’s a simple yet powerful way to show your appreciation for your sorority sister and strengthen the bond between you both.

What are some cute big little sorority quotes?

Big little sorority quotes are a wonderful way to express the love and bond between big and little sisters. Here are a few heartwarming quotes that capture the essence of this special connection:

  1. “Every Little needs a Big to help her find her way.”
  2. “Big in title, but Little at heart. Together, we’re a work of art.”
  3. “From the moment we met, it was set. Big and Little, forever and yet.”
  4. “In the story of us, you’re the Big chapter I never knew I was missing.”
  5. “To my Big, you’re the guiding star. To my Little, you’re the reason I’ve come this far.”
  6. “Big dreams, Little moments, forever sisters.”
  7. “First she was a part of my world, now she’s the whole story. Here’s to my Big/Little legacy.”
  8. “In the sorority of life, she’s my chosen chapter. Here’s to my Big/Little adventure.”
  9. “To my Little: I promise to guide you. To my Big: Thanks for showing me the way.”
  10. “Different paths, same journey. Big and Little, through and through.”
  11. “A sister is both your mirror & your opposite.“
  12. “Sisters are different flowers from the same garden.“
  13. “Sisters are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.“
  14. “In the constellation of sisterhood, my Big shines the brightest.”
  15. “Little by title, but big in my heart. Together, we’re a masterpiece of art.”
  16. “To my Big: You’ve been the anchor in my sorority life. To my Little: Ready to set sail on this adventure?”
  17. “Big laughs, Little moments, endless memories.”
  18. “Behind every fearless Little is a Big who refused to let her drift.”
  19. “From letters to heartbeats, our Big-Little bond can’t be beat.”
  20. “To my Big: You saw the potential in me. To my Little: Let’s reach for the stars, you and me.”
  21. “Big shoes to fill, Little steps to start. Together, we journey, never apart.”
  22. “In the book of sisterhood, my Big is the prologue, and my Little is the promise of chapters to come.”
  23. “With my Big by my side and my Little in tow, there’s no challenge we can’t overthrow.”
  24. “Big advice, Little moments, and a lifetime of shared secrets.”
  25. “To my Big: You set the stage. To my Little: Let’s dance through life together.”
  26. “Every Big was once a Little, every Little becomes a Big. In this circle of sisterhood, our bonds forever live.”
  27. “With every Little step I take, my Big’s legacy I partake.”
  28. “Big memories, Little whispers, in the dance of sisterhood, our bond persists.”
  29. “To my Big: Your wisdom lights my path. To my Little: Our journey has just begun, let’s make it a joyous one.”
  30. “In the garden of sorority life, my Big is the sunshine, and my Little, the blooming flower.”
  31. “Big challenges, Little victories, together we conquer, with shared histories.”
  32. “To my Big: You’re the melody. To my Little: Let’s create harmonies.”
  33. “From Big lessons to Little wonders, our sisterhood bond never sunders.”

Finding the perfect quote to express your bond with your big or little sister

When choosing a quote to celebrate your big or little sister, go for one that resonates with your relationship and captures the moments you’ve shared. Whether it’s a funny quote that highlights your playful dynamic or an emotional quote that speaks to the unwavering support you provide each other, pick a quote that truly represents your special bond.

You can use these quotes on handmade gifts, paddles, frames, scrapbooks or just in writing a note or drawing a piece of art for your big or little.

Ultimately, the best quote is the one that captures the excitement and love between bigs and littles. It should reflect the bond you share. Whether it’s a clever pun, a meaningful saying, or a simple expression of love, choose a caption that speaks to the depth of your connection.


In conclusion, these big little quotes are perfect for celebrating the special bond of sisterhood in your sorority. Whether you’re looking for motivation, love, or inspiration, these quotes will remind you to cherish and support one another every step of the way.

So go ahead and share these quotes with your sorority sisters on Instagram or use them as captions for your sisterhood photos – because together, you can conquer anything!


1. What are some popular sorority sister big little quotes?

Some popular sorority sister big little quotes include “Sisters by chance, Big and Little by choice,” “We may not have it all together, but together we have it all,” “A bond that can’t be broken,” and “Big Hearts, Little Letters.”

2. How do these quotes celebrate the relationship between big and little sisters in a sorority?

These quotes celebrate the special bond between big and little sisters in a sorority by highlighting the chosen family aspect, the support and love they share, as well as their unique connection within their Greek organization.

3. Can I use these quotes to show appreciation for my own big or little sister?

Yes, you can use these quotes to show appreciation for your own big or little sister by including them in personalized notes or gifts, posting them on social media with a heartfelt message, or using them during special events like reveal ceremonies.

4. Are there any guidelines for using these quotes appropriately?

While there are no strict guidelines for using these quotes, it’s important to be respectful of your sorority’s traditions and values when incorporating them into your communications or activities.