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Spring Break with Sisters


Okay, so we hate to be alarmist here, but listen up: you get four years – FOUR YEARS (okay, maybe five if you’re lucky) – to take a spring vacation with your sisters and literally not worry about anything! How many times in the future will you all just magically have a free week off from your fabulous jobs? It’s time to start getting excited about spring break! Let’s get planning.

Hot Spots

Confession: we’ve been geeking out about spring break since the day after New Years. So we’ve been doing some serious research to figure out the top destinations are. Here’s where we’re dying to go this year:

Cabo San Lucas, MEX

Megan Cabo Spring Break fb

Surprise, surprise; Cabo is topping our list. But seriously, we can’t get enough of the sun, sand, and fun party atmosphere. Not to mention, if mom gets nervous about you leaving the country alone, you can just shoot her a copy of this USA Today article about how safe Los Cabos can be. Una cerveza, por favor!

Miami, FL

Jenna Hawaii Spring Break small

If you want to stay Stateside, you can never go wrong with Miami. You get the fun culture of the town and you’re safely within the #1 spring break state in the country. You’re bound to meet some awesome people and spend a fun afternoon or two hanging at our favorite spot: the Cleavlander! Bienvenido a Miami.

Austin, TX

Austin may not be on your short list of spring break destinations, but hear us out. The weather is beautiful, there are a million amazing places to eat and hang out, and there’s no better place to be at the beginning of festival season! Spot some hot fashion trends and catch some incredible music long before everyone else does at South by or ACL.

What to Pack

When you’re in bikinis and cover ups, you should be seriously planning your accessories! They’re small, so you can pack a bunch of them and they’ll make your minimalist outfits.

Make the Most of Your Time

Newport Beach Duffy Boat Karly Sisters edit fb

It’s all about the experiences with your sisters! Plan some fun excursions to concerts, ziplining, or a quick day cruise, but don’t forget to give yourself some down time to really bond and appreciate this awesome time in your lives together!