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The Ultimate College Survival Guide – Tips for a Killer Freshman Year

ALists Ultimate College Survival Guide

This comprehensive guide tackles the following topics, chapter by chapter: Chapter 1: Choosing Where to Live During College – In this chapter, you will learn about different housing options available to college students, including on-campus and off-campus housing options. The pros and cons of each housing option are discussed in detail. Chapter 2: Adjusting to Campus […]

College Bucket List – Top 35 Things to Do Before Graduation

College Bucket List by www.alistgreek.com

This academic year is winding down and that means, seniors, you don’t have much time left to check items off your college bucket lists. Before you know it you’ll be facing the stresses (and the excitement) of the real world. Don’t panic! Take a minute, and make a list of all the things you really […]

15 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Sisters

As the month of Thanksgiving and remembering to give thanks comes to a close, our A-List Team asked one of our collegiate members to reflect on her sorority experience the last few years. The response we received from her was overwhelmingly touching…it was a great reminder of how much we loved being in a sorority […]

How to Host An Easy Sisters-giving

Friendsgiving/Sisters-giving can be the highlight of your semester, if you have it all planned out. For those of you who are balancing more than just hosting a fun Friendsgiving celebration with your sisters who have turned into family, the girls at A-List have made a quick guide to a successful and stress-free day. 1.The host […]

How Study Abroad Will Change Your Life

Studying Abroad College Lessons

“We’re making our final descent into the London area, flight attendants, please prepare for landing.” My heart stopped. Boarding the plane, tossing and turning in my middle seat for ten hours, and even watching hours upon hours of the Office reruns (the British version to prepare for English sarcasm)—it still didn’t feel quite real. When […]

Make Your Sorority House a Home!-Top 5 Dorm Hacks

Okay, so we get not everyone is as creative as Ole Miss’s Abby Bozeman and Lindy Goodson, but when it comes to dorm room hacks and organizational cheats, we got some good tips here at the A-List. We’ve all been there; moving in from the luxury of your own home into a small, shared space […]