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Greek Life Spotlight: Go Confidently, Go KD

We’ve all seen them—confetti and glitter blowing out of cupped hands, throwing what you know into the sunset, splashing around at the beach or in the pool. Recruitment season means recruitment videos galore, and among all the beautiful and sparkly women, it’s difficult to make your chapter’s video stand out. Thanks to the Sigma Epsilon […]

Goodies Done the Kappa Delta Way: Top Sorority Jewelry Finds

Take a breather form that calculus homework and put down the marketing textbook and scroll on through to discover your next impulse buy. A-list has all of your custom, handmade Kappa Delta jewelry! You won’t regret gifting your sister (or yourself) something shiny! Bar Necklace:Custom Kappa Delta block letter bar necklace. Sisterhood is forever, Bar […]