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Black Friday Survival Guide

Minutes after the turkey coma, the biggest shopping day of the year commences (“Gray Thursday” anyone?). Black Friday has become a commercial staple, and for some, all of their holiday shopping is literally done overnight. Don’t let those crazy videos of Wal-Mart cat fights scare you away though, A-Listers. Our Black Friday Survival Guide will […]

Here’s to you, Here’s to Me, Alpha Epsilon Phi Girls We’ll Always Be — Top Jewelry Finds for An AEPhi Sister

Always and forever has never looked so good. Wear your letters loud, proud, but totally on trend with A-List Alpha Epsilon Phi favorites. We laser engrave and hand make our jewelry so it can be customized to all of your AEPhi wants, needs, and desires! Here are A-List’s top AEPhi picks. Bar Necklace:Custom Alpha Epsilon Phi […]

Alpha Delta Pi: A-Love-List of Sorority Gifts

Forget about love letters and start loving your letters! A-List has compiled our favorite custom, and handmade goodies for Alpha Delta Pi! Our laser engraved collection can be customized to suit any ADPi sister’s needs. So what do we here at A-List love?  Bar Necklace: Custom Alpha Delta Pi block letter bar necklace. Sisterhood is […]