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The Cutest Bid Day Pics You Need to Take


A long time ago, we discovered that a good waterproof mascara and some make-up setting spray was essential when it came to Bid Day. As soon as the irrational, joyous crying is over, every girl and her new sister wants to snap a cute pic. So wipe those eyes and re-powder, because we’re about to show you some of the best and cutest Bid Day pictures the world may have ever seen. Take notes friends, for your Bid Days to come!

Squad Goals: You can’t take life too seriously sometimes. Who doesn’t love a silly face pic?

Casual Candid: When your newbies aren’t looking, snap a quick pic! You can’t help but smile at the genuine excitement you see.

Organized Chaos: That moment when you tell your PC to flaunt how happy they are joining *insert your chapter here*

The Run: The newbies are coming, the newbies are coming! Nothing quite measures up to the amazingness of your future Little running into your arms.

Posed Perfection: It’s the perfect storm–you’re dressed up in your letters, hair and make-up done, with some beautiful backgrounds. Of course you’re going to take an epic TWYK picture!

Sisterhood Huddle: It’s a peak into the closeness and realness of your sisterhood. You’re going to want to capture that beauty.

Love You Like XOXO (+ Hugs!): Sheer, pure, happiness. Capture the hug and that priceless expression!