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Top 5 Dorm Hacks


Okay, so we get not everyone is as creative as Ole Miss’s Abby Bozeman and Lindy Goodson, but when it comes to dorm room hacks and organizational cheats, we got some good tips here at the A-List. We’ve all been there; moving in from the luxury of your own home into a small, shared space with roommates is super challenging, but we’re here to make that transition as smooth as possible! Check out these hacks and tips!


The most under utilized space (or the least efficiently used space, depending) in a dorm room has to be under the bed. In the last few years, retail stores have gotten savvy and started selling bed risers, genius right? Well Bed, Bath, and Beyond has done it one step better! These bed risers have electric outlets and USB ports so you can charge your phones or plug in a lamp. This way, there’s no need to fight with your roommate over the closest plug-in or mess with that ugly power strip. If bed risers are genius then these guys are Genius 2.0


In another effort to keep those wires, chargers, and plugs organized, we’re offering another storage pearl of wisdom: binder clips. We know, say what? But seriously, binder clips will keep your various electronic juice-gives untangled and organized. Make it sassy by using gold foil binder clips or ones with cute designs!


Get ’em while they’re–cold? Cute ice cube trays (they make them in pretty shapes, like pineapples, now!) make the easiest jewelry/accessory organizer!


Sharing closet space is tough; that’s why maximizing what space you have is key. Invest in some inexpensive shower curtain links, re-purpose a funky, cool, hanger, and store your scarves, belts, and other closet-challenging items. That way, no stray scarves will float to your roommate’s side, and you’ll have more room to hang and store those sorority shirts you’ll soon be collecting…not speaking from experience or anything.