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Top 5 Graduation Caps For Sorority Women


School’s out…forever! It’s been four long years coming, and now it’s time to enter the real world. Believe it yet? Neither can we! As the last finals are taken, and the questions about your future continue (we’re sure they’ve already started as soon as you entered that 4th year), take a break from #adulting and stay in denial with us just a tad bit longer. At least, just long enough to decorate graduation caps with us!

For most of you, this will be your final time donning a cap and gown to march across the stage and receive that all important paper certificate (long years of hard work for your diplomas and degrees? Psh, NBD). So, girlfriend, in the spirit of “last time, best time” and #YOLO, let’s get some grad cap inspo going, shall we? 

5) For our major fashionistas and the ultimate crafter-

Gold foil is all the accent rage right now–why not make your cap as trendy as can be? Grad cap or craft masterpiece?

4) For the subtle sorority girl who embraces the special meaning of her chapter-

3) For your inner motivator and philosopher-

2) For the girl who wants to make a statement…and get some laughs; our silver medal winner is-

1) Remember that thing we said about not screaming “SORORITY!!” on your cap? Well we couldn’t resist making this our top contender-

There you have it A-Listers! Caps have become more and more creative as the years go by! Snap a pic and send it our way so we can share (it’s never too early to get ideas right?). And if you need gift ideas for other seniors and graduates this year, let us help! Check out our recent post “7 Graduation Gifts College Students Actually Want“. You can’t go wrong with something personal and customized for your grad, right?