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Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Sorority Seniors

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It’s funny how fast a year seems to go by. Remember thinking, “Wow, (insert either I, my big, my sister, etc.) am/is a senior! We’ll make it the  best year yet!” and now that year is almost over. But with every great ending comes an amazing opportunity–to make your seniors feel amazing, of course! As they embark on this crazy journey of life (aka #adulting), you as sister, big, little, or friend can make sure they go out with a bang! Just consult A-List’s Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Seniors, because, as always, we’ve got your back.

1.Make Chapter Meeting a Send Off FIESTA!

All of our chapters have our own unique send off rituals and routines. It’s beautiful and gives the freshmen a peek at how four years of sisterhood can impact your life. But that doesn’t mean it has to be all emotions and all tears–make it a party! After your chapter meeting and/or ritual for seniors, start the fiesta and celebrate those seniors sending off! Why a fiesta, you may ask? Why because of the yummy (and easy to make/clean up) snacks! Tortilla chips, guacamole, quesadillas, salsa, the works. Pair the fun finger foods with an even more fun photobooth, complete with 2021 props. If the company doesn’t have ample graduation themed props, make your own with some sparkly foam sheets and craft sticks. A graduation party is nothing without a playlist to accompany it–and of course we would be silly not to include the classics, a la “Graduation (Friends Forever)” by Vitamin C (undoubtedly the soundtrack to all your graduations from kindergarten to now) and “Bye Bye Bye” from *NSYNC. Cue the happy tears.

2. Senior Sisterhood: Cap Decorating

Nothing says graduation more than a sparkly, decorated grad cap. So senior send off idea #2? A cap decorating sisterhood for seniors and those who want to squeeze in some extra time with their big or bestie. Gather and organize craft supplies–glue, sparkles, rhinestones, silk flowers, etc.–all for the seniors to use in achieving the most Instagrammable cap possible. Provide some refreshments, and you have yourself a cute build up to senior send off. 

3. Paddles for the Post Grad

We all know once you graduate, the sisterhood is still forever, but for some reason it becomes a little less normal to wear letters and sorority themed shirts in the office. So, for those who still want to decorate with the memory of sorority fun, make a paddle that fits their chosen path in life. It’s a little less in your face than their original paddle but still sorority enough to make a sister smile at work.

4. Classic Wills and Photoshoots

In this Instagram age, photoshoots are almost as exciting as graduation itself. Who doesn’t want an excuse to get all dolled up and be the center of attention? Grab that sister in the chapter who has some excellent photography skills (you know that one who has the DSLR glued to her hands at every event) and find the cutest spot on campus to snap the pics. We’re fans of the all white dresses look with stoles but coordinating LBDs and/or chapter colors also make for a cute photo too! After the photoshoot, at the last meeting of the school year, give the seniors a moment and let them “will” away their sorority themed belongings to the underclassmen that mean the most to them. This is a popular and classic senior send off and really does bring a tear to your eye when you hear what your senior sisters have to say about their life in the chapter.

5. Last But Not Least…Shower the Seniors with Gifts!