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The Ultimate Guide to the National Panhellenic Conference: Part One


Pardon our absence, A-Listers! We’ve been feverishly touring the country the past couple of weeks (which we’ll be sharing in our Travel Diaries series, blog to come soon!) so we’ve been a little preoccupied. Now that we’re back and somewhat settled back into our own time zone, we wanted to chat more about an all too important sorority event…recruitment!

Earlier this month, we shared the Ultimate Guide to Recruitment for a PNM: what to say, how to dress, what to expect. Now brace yourself ladies—we’re bringing you the Ultimate Guide to the National Panhellenic Conference! We’ve compiled all you need to know about each NPC chapter so that when the time comes, you can refer back to your handy-dandy, three part handbook to help you through recruitment. So, without further ado, we give you, your NPC Chapter Guide, Part One.


  • Nickname: AXO (written); A-Chi-O (spoken); Alpha Chi (spoken)
  • Founded: October 15, 1885 at DePauw University as a musical society then became a literary society until joining NPC
  • Symbols: Golden Lyre (Badge & Symbol); Red Carnation (Flower); Pearl (Jewel); Hera (Patron Goddess)
  • Philanthropy: Domestic Violence Awareness
  • Colors: Scarlet & Olive Green
  • Motto: “Together, let us seek the heights”
  • Tagline: Real. Strong. Women.

With a national sisterhood of over 230,000 women, Alpha Chi Omega emphasizes the four values of friendship, leadership, learning, and service. Technically, AXO is a fraternity, not only because the word “sorority” had not yet been coined, but the organizer of the society was a male music professor who had the help of a Beta Theta Pi, fraternity brother. With roots in both musical and literary fields, AXO celebrates MacDowell Month in February to highlight its arts heritage; AXO also partakes in Hera Day on March 1, a day of service.


  • Nickname: ADPi (written & spoken)
  • Founded: May 15, 1851 as the Adelphean Society at Wesleyan Female College; it became the country’s first secret society for women, however did not organize as a national sorority until 1905
  • Symbols: Alphie the Lion (Mascot); Diamond (Badge & Jewel); Woodland Violet (Flower)
  • Philanthropy: Ronald McDonald House
  • Colors: Azure Blue & White
  • Motto: “We live for each other”
  • Tagline: First. Finest. Forever.

Alpha Delta Pi, like AXO, has four values it teaches throughout member education: Self, Scholarship, Sisterhood, and Sorority. ADPi has over 155 chapters spanning the United States and Canada, with their executive office located in Atlanta, Georgia. The sorority has also had a formal partnership with the Ronald McDonald House for almost forty years, raising more than $11.2 million in charitable funds.


  • Nickname: AEPhi (written & spoken)
  • Founded: October 24, 1909 as a Jewish sorority at Barnard College, the sorority still emphasizes Judaic values
  • Symbols: Giraffe (Mascot); Pearl (Badge & Jewel); Lily of the Valley (Flower)
  • Philanthropy: Elizabeth Glaser Pedriatic AIDS Foundation; Sharsheret
  • Colors: Green & White
  • Motto: “Many Hearts, One Purpose”
  • Tagline: Above All Else

Originally founded as a Jewish sorority, the organization today still emphasizes its history and links to Judaic foundations. Sharsheret is a national non-profit organization focusing on breast and ovarian cancer concerns in Jewish women. The Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, founded by sisters of the sorority, is a public charity that promotes research and prevention of AIDS. The sorority’s mission statement calls for the organization “to inspire and support exemplary women dedicated to friendship and a lifelong commitment to Alpha Epsilon Phi while building on the vision of our Jewish founders.” Though traditionally Jewish, the sorority does not consider itself a religious organization, so women of any creed, faith, or heritage are welcome.


  • Nickname: AGD (written & spoken); Alpha Gam (written & spoken)
  • Founded: May 30, 1904 at Syracuse University and considered one of the Syracuse Triad (along with Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Phi)
  • Symbols: Squirrel (Mascot); Pearl (Jewel); Red & Buff Rose (Flower)
  • Philanthropy: Diabetes Awareness
  • Colors: Red, Buff, & Green
  • Motto: “Inspire the Woman. Inspire the World”
  • Tagline: Live with Purpose

Alpha Gamma Delta has 190 chapters installed across the country with over 170,000 sisters. Their national mission statement calls for lifelong learning, value of membership, contribution to world work, and lifelong commitment to the fraternity. Some notable Alpha Gams include “Survivor” reality star Amber Brkich and “House Bunny” and “Legally Blonde” writer, Karen McCullah Lutz. Their formal philanthropy, the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, emphasizes the importance of Juvenile Diabetes Awareness and Research.


  • Nickname: A-O-Pi (spoken); AOII (written)
  • Founded: January 2, 1897 at Barnard College
  • Symbols: Panda (unofficial Mascot); Sheaf of Wheat (Symbol); Ruby (Jewel); General Jacqueminot Rose (Flower)
  • Philanthropy: Arthritis Research & Awareness
  • Colors: Cardinal
  • Tagline: Exceed the Expectation

Alpha Omicron Pi is one of the only sororities not to have an open motto; however, the organization has both a mission statement and a vision statement. The former reads: “Women Enriched through Lifelong Friendship” while the latter reads: “Sisters. Living Our Values. Changing the Future.” The sorority also does not have a coat of arms, since it believes in staying true to Greek ideals; therefore, it uses their symbol of a rose to identify itself among other organizations.


  • Nickname: AXiD (written & spoken)
  • Founded: April 17, 1893 at Lombard College in Illinois
  • Symbols: Bear (Mascot); Quill (Symbol & Badge); Pearl & Diamond (Jewel); Pink Rose (Flower)
  • Philanthropy: Autism Speaks
  • Colors: Light Blue, Navy Blue, & Gold
  • Motto: “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”
  • Tagline: Inspiring Women to Realize Their Potential

Alpha Xi Delta (with the Xi pronounced as “Zee”) was founded with the help of brothers from Sigma Nu. Their flower, the pink rose, is meant to complement the white rose of the fraternity. On April 2nd, every chapter, both active and alumnae, participate in World Autism Awareness Day to support their national philanthropy. The organization’s four official ideals include: sisterhood, leadership, knowledge, and service.


  • Nickname: A-Phi (written & spoken)
  • Founded: September 18, 1872 at Syracuse University; also part of the Syracuse Triad with Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Symbols: Phi Bear (Mascot); Ivy Leaf (Symbol); Lily of the Valley & Forget-Me-Not (Flower); Ursa Major (Constellation)
  • Philanthropy: Cardiac Care
  • Colors: Silver & Bordeaux
  • Motto: “Union Hand in Hand”

Alpha Phi (with the Phi pronounced “Phee”) has over 200,000 initiated members in over 160 international chapters. As the first fraternity of women to use their letters as an emblem, Alpha Phi advocates for a sisterhood that supports the lifelong achievements of one another. Collectively, Alpha Phi chapters raise over a million dollars toward their national philanthropy, through which, the Heart to Heart Cardiac Care Grant of $50,000 is awarded to health care professionals dedicated to eradicating heart disease, the number one killer of women in America.


  • Nickname: ASA (written & spoken); Alpha Sig (written & spoken)
  • Founded: November 15, 1901 at the State Normal School of Virginia, now known as Longwood University
  • Symbols: Dot the Ladybug (Mascot); Phoenix (Symbol); Ruby (Jewel); Aster & Narcissus (Flower); Star (Symbol); Palm Tree (Symbol)
  • Philanthropy: Girls on the Run, S. June Center, & Special Olympics
  • Colors: Crimson, Pearl White, Palm Green, & Gold
  • Motto: “Aspire. Seek. Attain”

Alpha Sigma Alpha is part of the Farmville Five, a group of organizations all founded at the current Longwood University. Previous to being an NPC recognized sorority, ASA was a professional sorority in the field of education. ASA sponsors “D.O.T Days” during the first week of October. “D.O.T” stands for “Donating Our Time” and is one of the official service projects that chapters hold nationally.

Thanks for reading the first snippet of our NPC Chapter Guide! Be sure to check out Part 2.