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The Big Little Sorority Relationship: A Guide for New Members


Navigating the big and little sorority relationship can often seem overwhelming for new members. This mentorship program, a common practice in both sororities and fraternities, is designed to provide support during the transition into college life.

Our guide below will break down this unique tradition in Greek organizations and help you understand its purpose, process, benefits, and how to cultivate a rewarding relationship with your Big or Little sister.

Get ready for an exciting journey towards lifelong friendships in your sorority!

Key Takeaways

What is the Big and Little Relationship in Sororities?

The Big and Little relationship in sororities refers to the mentorship and bonding connection between an initiated sister (the “Big”) and a new member (the “Little”).

Definition of the Big and Little Relationship

The Big and Little Relationship is a special bond in sororities. It’s like having a big sister and a little sister, but at school. The Big is an old member of the group who helps the Little, a new member.

They form deep bonds that can last even after they finish college. The Big helps the Little adjust to life in college and within the sorority. This relationship keeps going not just for one week or month, it lasts for years!

Purpose of the Big and Little Relationship

The purpose of the Big and Little Relationship in a sorority is to provide support, guidance, and mentorship to new members as they navigate college life and their sorority experience.

This relationship helps ease the transition into the Greek community by giving new members a mentor who can answer questions, offer advice, and help them feel connected within their chapter.

The Big sister acts as a role model, offering friendship, encouragement, and assistance throughout their time in college. Through this relationship, new members have someone they can rely on for support and develop lifelong friendships with fellow sisters in their sorority.

How Does the Big and Little Process Work?

The Big and Little process starts with a matching process based on surveys and votes, followed by a reveal week where new members meet their Bigs.

Matching process

To establish the Big Little Sorority Relationship, new members are matched with an initiated sister. Here’s how the matching process works:

  • New members participate in a survey to express their preferences for a Big sister.
  • The sorority chapter collects these surveys and uses them to pair new members with potential Big sisters.
  • The chapter votes on the potential matches to finalize the pairings.
  • Once the matches are made, the Big Little Sorority selection is announced during Reveal Week.

Reveal Week

During Reveal Week, the much-anticipated moment arrives when new members finally find out who their Big sister is. This is a special and exciting time for new members as they get to meet their Big sis for the first time and begin building a bond.

Reveal Week often involves creative and fun activities designed to make this moment memorable. It’s a chance for Bigs to show off their creativity by creating unique or custom pieces that serve as clues leading up to the reveal.

This week marks the official start of the Big Little Relationship, where new members will receive guidance and support from their Big throughout their college experience.

Responsibilities of a Big and Little

  • The Big sister is responsible for guiding and supporting the Little sister throughout their college experience.
  • The Big sister helps the Little sister transition into sorority life and provides advice on navigating Greek organization traditions.
  • The Big sister acts as a mentor, offering emotional support and providing guidance in academic, personal, and social matters.
  • The Big sister helps the Little sister feel comfortable and included within the sorority chapter.
  • Both the Big sister and the Little sister participate in bonding activities to strengthen their relationship.
  • The Big sister may give gifts or create handmade items for their Little sister as a token of affection and support.
  • The Little sister looks to their Big sister for guidance and seeks their advice when making decisions within the sorority.
  • Both the Big and Little sisters are expected to communicate openly and honestly with each other, fostering a strong bond of trust.

Benefits of Having a Big in a Sorority

Having a Big in a Sorority provides mentorship and guidance during the transition into college life.

Mentorship and guidance

The Big Little Sorority Relationship provides new members with valuable mentorship and guidance. When joining a sorority, having an experienced sister by your side can help navigate the challenges of college life.

Big sisters offer advice, support, and encouragement throughout the initiation process and beyond. They serve as a role model and confidante, helping their little sisters adjust to the Greek organization and fostering personal growth.

This mentorship bond helps create a strong support network within the sorority, ensuring that new members feel welcomed and supported every step of the way.

Support during the transition into college life

The Big Little Sorority Relationship provides valuable support for new members as they navigate the transition into college life. During this time, having a Big sister or mentor can make all the difference.

The Big is there to offer guidance and help the Little adjust to their new surroundings, academic demands, and social experiences. They provide advice on managing time, getting involved on campus, and balancing sorority commitments with other responsibilities.

With their support, Littles can feel more confident and connected within their sorority and become part of a supportive sisterhood network.

Building lifelong friendships

The Big Little Sorority Relationship has the potential to build lifelong friendships. When a new member is paired with a Big sister, they have the opportunity to form a bond that goes beyond their time in college.

Through the mentorship and support provided by the Big sister, the Little sister can develop a deep connection and friendship that can last for years to come. This relationship is built on trust, understanding, and shared experiences within their sorority chapter.

By participating in bonding activities together and providing ongoing support, both Bigs and Littles have the chance to cultivate friendships that go beyond their college years.

In addition to personal growth and guidance, this relationship also offers an extensive network of support through other members of the sorority chapter. By being part of this larger sisterhood community, Littles gain access to a wide range of individuals who share similar values and interests.

This provides them with opportunities for networking, collaboration, and lifelong connections even after graduation.

Through active participation in their sorority’s events, initiatives, philanthropy work or even social activities like movie nights or game nights – these meaningful interactions during college life will undoubtedly contribute towards building bonds that may last for many years ahead.

Tips for Navigating the Big and Little Relationship

Communicate openly and honestly, participate in bonding activities, show appreciation for your Big, embrace the experience and be open-minded. Ready to learn more about building a strong sorority bond? Let’s dive in!

Communicate openly and honestly

In the Big Little Sorority Relationship, it is important to communicate openly and honestly with your Big sister or Little sister. This means sharing your thoughts, feelings, and concerns without holding back.

By being honest with each other, you can build a stronger bond and develop a deeper understanding of one another. It’s also essential to express your needs and expectations in the relationship so that both parties are on the same page.

Open communication helps avoid misunderstandings and promotes trust between Bigs and Littles. So be open, share your thoughts, listen actively, and be honest with your sorority sister!

Participate in bonding activities

Participating in bonding activities is an important aspect of the Big Little Sorority Relationship. These activities are designed to bring Bigs and Littles closer together and help them build a strong bond.

Bonding activities can include things like going out for coffee, attending chapter events together, or even having movie nights. By participating in these activities, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know your Big better and create lasting memories with them.

It’s a chance to form a deeper connection and strengthen your relationship within the sorority.

Show appreciation for your Big

Your Big sister in the sorority is there to support and guide you, so it’s important to show appreciation for all they do. One way to do this is by saying “thank you” and expressing gratitude for their mentorship.

You can also show appreciation through small gestures like writing a heartfelt note or giving them a thoughtful gift. Taking the time to acknowledge and recognize your Big’s efforts will strengthen your bond and let them know how much you value their guidance.

Remember, showing appreciation goes both ways in building a strong Big Little relationship.

Embrace the experience and be open-minded

Embracing the Big Little Sorority Relationship and being open-minded is essential for making the most out of this experience. It’s important to approach this relationship with a positive attitude and willingness to learn from your Big sister.

By being open-minded, you can truly appreciate the guidance and support that your Big will provide throughout your college journey. Keep in mind that everyone’s experience may be different, so embrace the unique aspects of your own Big Little Relationship and see it as an opportunity for personal growth and forming lifelong friendships within your sorority or fraternity.


The Big Little Sorority Relationship is an important aspect of Greek life that provides mentorship and support to new members. It helps them navigate the transition into college and sorority life, while also fostering lifelong friendships.

Through open communication, participation in bonding activities, showing appreciation for their Big sister or brother, and embracing the experience with an open mind, new members can make the most out of their Big Little relationship.

This special bond allows for personal growth, guidance, and a supportive network within the sorority or fraternity. So embrace this unique opportunity and build lasting connections with your Big!


1. What is a Big and Little in a sorority?

In a sorority, a Big is an older member who acts as a mentor and guide to a new member, referred to as the Little.

2. How are Bigs and Littles matched in a sorority?

Bigs and Littles are often matched through a process called “big-little reveal,” where potential matches get to know each other before being officially paired based on compatibility and shared interests.

3. What is the purpose of the Big-Little relationship in a sorority?

The purpose of the Big-Little relationship is to provide support, guidance, friendship, and sisterhood within the sorority. The Big serves as someone who can offer advice, answer questions, and help navigate sorority life.

4. Can I have more than one Big or Little in a sorority?

While it varies from sorority to sorority, typically members have one official designated Big and one official designated Little at any given time. However, it’s common for members to form close bonds with multiple sisters beyond their official pairing.