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From Big to G-Big: A Complete Guide to Sorority Family Terminology!


Entering the world of sororities can be a maze of new and unfamiliar terminology for many. One word you might come across is “G-Big”, which refers to your big sister’s big sister in a sorority family hierarchy.

This blog post will unravel the mystery around this unique term, and help you in understanding sorority family terminology. Ready to decode? Let’s dive right in!

Key Takeaways

  • “G – Big” refers to a sorority sister’s big sister in the family hierarchy.
  • The relationships in the sorority family include big/little, grandbig/grand little, and god big/god little.
  • G – Bigs play an important role in providing mentorship and support, strengthening the lineage of the sorority family.

Sorority Family Terminology Explained

In sororities, the family terminology includes relationships such as big sister/little sister, grandbig/grand little, and god big/god little.

Big Sister/Little Sister Relationship

In the sorority family, a big sister is a role model. She is often a sophomore or junior who has been part of the group for some time. The big sister gets paired with a little sister.

This person is usually new to the group like a freshman. A big and little sister share special moments together. They help each other grow in this Greek life journey. Being in a sorority means having someone to depend on! Big sisters guide their Little ones, while Little sisters bring joy and fun times to their Big’s life!

Grandbig/Grand Little Relationship

In sorority families, the “grandbig” or “grand little” is an important part of the family tree. The grandbig is the big sister of one’s big sister. They hold a higher position in the family hierarchy and provide guidance and support to their grand littles.

This relationship strengthens the lineage of the sorority family, creating a strong bond between sisters across different generations. Just like any other big-little relationship, the grandbig acts as a mentor and role model for their grand littles, helping them navigate through Greek life and providing them with valuable advice and support.

Importance and Significance of G-Big in Sorority Families

G-Big holds great importance in sorority families as it strengthens the lineage and provides mentorship and support to younger members.

Strengthens the Family Lineage

The concept of G-Big in sorority families strengthens the family lineage. Through this relationship, the big sister becomes a role model and mentor for both her little sister and her G-Big.

This creates a sense of continuity within the family tree, as each generation learns from those who came before them. The G-Big not only guides her little sister but also shares her experiences and wisdom with future generations, ensuring that the values and traditions of the sorority are passed down through the years.

It is through these intergenerational connections that the sorority family lineage remains strong and vibrant.

Provides Mentorship and Support

In a sorority family, the concept of “G-Big” or grand big plays an essential role in providing mentorship and support. The G-Big is like a big sister to the little sister’s big sister, forming another level of guidance within the family lineage.

As an initiated member of the sorority with more experience, the G-Big can offer valuable advice and wisdom to both their own little sister and their little sister’s big sister. They serve as a source of support, helping their family members navigate through college life and sorority activities.

This mentorship relationship strengthens the bond between sisters and creates a supportive network within Greek life.

Other Greek Terminology Related to Family Relationships

This section will explore the various nicknames used in sororities and fraternities for big/little relationships, as well as the names given to different generations within a fraternity family tree.

Big/Little Nicknames

In sorority families, members often have special nicknames for their big sisters and little sisters. The mentor sister is called the “Big,” while the little sister is referred to as “Lil’.” These nicknames create a sense of closeness and camaraderie within the family.

They represent the unique bond between the mentor and mentee, with the Big offering guidance and support to their Lil’. It’s a way for sorority members to show affection and respect for each other in a fun and endearing manner.

Fraternity Family Tree Names

In fraternity family terminology, the concept of a “family tree” is used to show the relationships within the fraternity. Each member has a big brother and potentially even a grand big or great grand big.

These names are used to represent the older members who have mentored and guided them along their journey in Greek life. The family tree names help create a sense of tradition and lineage within the fraternity, highlighting the importance of brotherhood and support among its members.


In conclusion, understanding the meaning of G-Big is important in sorority family terminology. It strengthens the lineage and provides mentorship and support within the family. Learning about other Greek terminology related to family relationships enriches our knowledge of sorority life.

So, let’s embrace and appreciate the significance of G-Bigs in building sisterhood bonds within our sororities.


1. What does G-Big mean in sorority family terminology?

G-Big stands for Grand Big, which is the term used to refer to a member’s big sister’s big sister within a sorority family.

2. How is G-Big different from Big and Little in sororities?

While Big and Little refer to the immediate mentor-mentee relationship within a sorority family, G-Big represents one level above the big sister in the lineage or hierarchy.

3. How do you become a G-Big in a sorority?

To become a G-Big in a sorority, you need to have held the role of Big Sister for at least one little sister and be part of an active and thriving sorority chapter.

4. What is the significance of having a G-Big in your sorority family?

Having a G-Big adds another layer of support, guidance, and connection within your sorority family. They can offer wisdom, advice, and shared experiences from their own journey as part of your extended lineage.