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My sorority story

Welcome to A-List Greek, the top resource for sorority and college women, providing insightful articles, advice, and opportunities to inspire your personal and professional journeys. I’m Hope, a proud alumna of Alpha Phi, and my Greek life journey changed my life! 

A Shy Start

I started my college experience as an introverted freshman, quite unsure about joining a Panhellenic sorority. Despite the initial hesitation, my roommates convinced me to go through recruitment (who can resist dorm peer pressure, right?). And boy, was it a rollercoaster! Rush week was a whirlwind of emotions, long discussions with roommates, and indecision over which NPC sorority to join.

Bid Day Breakthrough

Bid day was a milestone that I nearly missed. My top choice did not choose me, and I nearly walked away from the bid I received. However, my recruitment counselor swooped in just in time and encouraged me to give sorority life a shot. That’s when I took my first steps into the world of Greek life, and it was a game-changer!

Alpha Phi Awakening

Joining Alpha Phi was like opening a door to a new world where I discovered parts of myself. The sisterhood provided me a safe space that helped me uncover my strengths, polish my public speaking skills, and awaken my latent leadership abilities.

What began as a modest role as director of community service during my sophomore year led to my election as President for two consecutive years. Who would have thought, right?

Major Milestones

Throughout my Alpha Phi journey, I had several noteworthy experiences:

  • As a collegiate representative on the Committee on Leadership, I was one of two representatives who organized the application process and slating of the Alpha Phi International Executive Board.
  • As President, I led initiatives to increase membership, developed a new chapter communication system, and upgraded our website for recruitment purposes.
  • We also launched new community service and philanthropy programs and improved existing large-scale philanthropy events, doubling attendance and increasing earnings significantly. As a result of our work, our chapter won numerous Greek Awards.

During my years a collegian, I’ve been recognized with multiple awards including the Alpha Phi Sister of the Year, Chapter Member of the Year, and the President’s Award. In recognition of my work, during my senior year, I was awarded the highest merit based scholarship a collegiate can receive from the Alpha Phi Foundation.

My College Leadership Journey

In college, I embraced every opportunity to step up and lead, growing from a reserved participant into a confident leader. My experiences in these roles not only transformed me but also left an indelible impact on our campus community.

Championing Service and Community Engagement

As the Service Learning Coordinator for the Student LEAD Office, I spearheaded numerous community service initiatives. We carried out campus-wide projects, developed educational campaigns around community needs, and heightened awareness for special-needs groups. Together with a passionate committee of 40 students, we coordinated service trips, collected gifts to donate to community causes, and encouraged a spirit of service throughout the campus.

Working closely with community partners, we built enduring relationships and deep connections with local organizations. This role was more than just a position; it was an opportunity to connect, contribute, and make a difference.

Fostering a Comfortable Campus Life

Serving as a Resident Advisor and Program Assistant with the Office of Residence Life was an incredibly fulfilling experience. My primary role was to create a comfortable and supportive dorm community for a wing of 40 residents. This role involved everything from planning social events to leading safety meetings, and counseling residents on the myriad of issues that college students often face.

Being available 24/7 during my duty shifts and working closely with a diverse team taught me invaluable lessons about responsibility, teamwork, and leadership. We worked tirelessly to uphold community policies and foster an environment of respect and inclusivity.

Amplifying Student Voices

As an Associated Student Senator, I was the voice of my peers on various committees, working closely with faculty, administration, and other campus officials. From the Dining Committee to the Facilities Committee, I was there representing the student body, making sure our interests were heard and considered.

Promoting Greek Life

In addition to my role in Alpha Phi, I was also an active member of the Order of Omega Greek Honors Society. As part of the executive board, I collaborated with other Greek leaders to organize events, awards, and newsletters to promote Greek life and boost involvement.

Celebrated for My Leadership

The numerous leadership roles I undertook in college led me to win several awards my senior year. I was immensely proud to be recognized as the “Most Inspirational Senior”, an award that celebrated my ability to inspire and motivate others.

My commitment to service and leadership also earned me the “Servant-Leader” award. This wasn’t just about leading; it recognized the spirit of service and dedication I brought to each of my roles.

Perhaps the most meaningful for me was winning the “Greek Woman of the Year” award, which acknowledged my contributions to Greek life as a whole. Not just my role in Alpha Phi, but my efforts to promote unity, sisterhood/brotherhood, and a positive Greek life experience across all sororities and fraternities on campus.

These awards remind me every day of the reasons I founded A-List Greek: to foster the spirit of sisterhood & community, celebrate leadership, and help sorority sisters express their unique style and pride.

My Professional Journey

Taking my Greek life passion beyond the college campus, I transitioned into several professional roles that helped me bring together my sorority experience and my legal training.

Surviving Law School

During my time as a collegiate leader in Alpha Phi, I was mentored and supported by an Alpha Phi alumna volunteer – our Chapter Advisor. She guided me and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed in school and in Alpha Phi. She was a lawyer and she inspired me to consider a career in law. 

If it hadn’t been for her and the practice I had each week getting over my fear of public speaking, I know I would not have felt confident enough to be a lawyer. She helped me study for the LSAT, wrote amazing recommendation letters and guided me through the process of getting into law school. 

While in law school, I continued to keep a close connection to Alpha Phi. They created a part-time role for me at our Executive Office and I continued to work in that role through law school. In my role as the Coordinator of Collegiate Operations, I played a crucial part in maintaining and implementing the organization’s risk management framework. I oversaw the membership status change process and investigated chapter policy violations. 

One of my key tasks was to develop and supervise probation or action plans, coordinate member disciplinary appeals, and ensure judicial process compliance. It was a challenging but rewarding role that allowed me to engage with over 150 Chapter Advisors and chapter officers, leading training presentations and conference calls.

In this role, I also responded to parent and university concerns and managed the online database access and officer training. It was all about maintaining the organization’s integrity and ensuring that our chapters adhered to Alpha Phi’s policies.

Practicing Law

After I graduated from law school, I became the Manager of Collegiate Housing Operations for Alpha Phi. I ensured legal compliance of 79 housing corporations with laws related to corporate governance, tax exempt status, health, and safety. I drafted and filed corporate documents for new house corporations and negotiated, prepared, and reviewed housing/real estate contracts, land leases, and vendor agreements with Universities, property management companies, architects, and contractors.

A significant part of this role involved advising over 500 housing volunteers on topics such as property management, financial planning, non-profit tax compliance, 990 IRS filing requirements, and employment law related to hiring, firing, and compensation.

This role took my leadership experience and merged it with my legal expertise, letting me apply my knowledge in a field I was passionate about.

Landing a traditional law firm position was quite the challenge when I started my search. The market was tough, and the competition was fierce. However, being on the Advisory Board for my college’s Alpha Phi chapter came with an unexpected benefit. My Chapter Advisor introduced me to a managing partner of a law firm she knew was hiring, and thanks to the connections I had made through Alpha Phi, I got the job.

During my years of practicing law, I never let go of my Alpha Phi roots. I stayed actively involved in the community, advising collegiate chapters and continuously growing my network of brilliant women. My ongoing engagement with the sisters was a constant source of inspiration, enhancing my passion for mentorship.

It was through these enriching experiences and the support from my Alpha Phi network that I began to envision my own business. Bolstered by the confidence they instilled in me and their ongoing support, I made the decision to strike out on my own. Alpha Phi has always been a driving force in my professional journey.

The Legacy of A-List Greek

Born out of a passion for Greek life, A-List Greek was established in 2013. The blending of love for sisterhood and fashion turned into a mission: to provide chic, high-quality jewelry that my Alpha Phi sisters and all sorority women could proudly wear every day. I recognized a gap in the market for stylish sorority jewelry, and A-List Greek was my answer to this need.

The ethos of A-List Greek was always centered around celebrating sisterhood and style. We were meticulous in our designs, keeping pace with the trends while ensuring the quality was second to none.

Customer Love: The Beating Heart of A-List Greek

From the very beginning, our customers were always at the heart of A-List Greek. Our commitment to delivering timeless, high-quality pieces was a crucial part of our mission. We strived to create a customer experience that was as exceptional as the products we offered.

Our team, made up of both active and alumnae sorority members, was deeply ingrained in the spirit of Greek life. We shared a collective passion for supporting our sisters in sororities across the United States and Canada, and we are proud of the connections we built along the way.

A Journey of Growth

Over the years, A-List Greek grew from a simple idea into a flourishing business. As we evolved, so did our offerings. Beyond just sorority jewelry, we expanded our collection to include an array of personalized gifts – hair ties, cosmetic bags, keychains, water bottles, decals, bid day gift bundles, etc. In addition to our own e-commerce site, we worked directly with chapters for bid day, senior gift and other group orders. We sold our products to a variety of local University boutiques and had very successful Amazon and Etsy stores. 

On this journey of growth and expansion, we remained incredibly grateful to our amazing customers. Their support and love for A-List Greek fueled our growth and reinforced our commitment to providing stylish, quality pieces that celebrated the spirit of sorority life.

For various reasons (including rising costs of materials/shipping, and reduction in quality and access to these materials), we made the tough decision in 2023 to wind down the production side of our business. Though A-List Greek is no longer selling physical products, the impact and spirit of what we built will continue to resonate. The relationships we built, the styles we pioneered, and the bonds we helped strengthen will forever be a part of our legacy. Thank you for being a part of the A-List Greek story.

The Future of A-List Greek

As A-List Greek evolves, our core mission stays the same – promoting the values of Greek life and guiding others to maximize their sorority and college life experiences. While our e-commerce arm has closed and we no longer offer physical products, we remain committed to celebrating the essence of Greek life.

Being a part of Alpha Phi wasn’t just an experience, it was a journey of transformation that reshaped me. It encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone, take on challenges, and embrace the unexpected. It taught me the power of sisterhood, the joy of shared experiences, and the invaluable lesson of unity in diversity. Alpha Phi was the catalyst for a shy, introverted freshman to evolve into a confident woman with a voice and vision.

Today, my goal is to empower every young woman who embarks on her Greek life journey. Through A-List Greek, I aim to share the lessons, experiences, and wisdom I’ve gained over the years. I want to inspire others to step out of their comfort zones, embrace the world of opportunities that Greek life offers, and make the most of their college years.

I am incredibly proud of my Panhellenic experience and can confidently say that joining Alpha Phi was the best decision I ever made. Now, I want to pass on the baton and inspire the next generation of Greek life leaders.

Here’s to a future filled with sisterhood, leadership, service, and personal growth. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I can’t wait to see where it takes us!

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